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How To Find Bespoke Wedding Rings On A Budget

(Featured: An 18ct Rose Gold and 18ct White Gold double row wedding band grain set with Round Brilliant Diamonds.)

So you are planning your wedding! And no doubt your head is bursting with ideas, Pinterest boards and of course the less welcome anxiety of the dreaded budget.  Even for the savviest of brides, weddings can be an expensive time, both for the happy couple and their wonderful (at times infuriating) families but that shouldn’t detract from your ability to save cash and capitalise on the great deals that are out there if you’re prepared to look hard enough.

You will find many suppliers and small businesses; such as Sophia Lee Jewellery and Commissions who’s passion lies in offering their customers the best value possible and working with even the most modest of budgets.  

Sophia says that a wedding ring is incredibly sentimental and should be treated as such through the entire process. It shouldn’t be an anonymous reference number shuffling through a factory being mass produced, with quality that’s subsequently reduced.

She goes on to say that it is all too easy to fall for that £109.99 wedding ring, glamorously photographed and slapped on the side of a bus thanks to a million pound advertising budget but what are you really getting for that money? Far too many times, Sophia says she has dealt with bewildered brides who are devastated to find that their dream wedding ring is either hollow or flimsy and would struggle to last the wedding night; let alone a life time of marital bliss.

If you are working within a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on the quality of your dearly beloved wedding rings especially when they should last forever. Gold, and other precious metals have a value per gram which is determined by economic variables and although in the UK gold isn’t sold per gram, the weight of the metal is a massive determining factor in pricing jewellery so if a company isn’t happy to freely inform you of the weight of your wedding band, beware!

Small independent jewellers are often fighting a constant battle with the big high street retailers, which is something that you as a consumer can use to your advantage, haggle! Maybe not Tenerife market style but don’t be afraid to ask if they can do a slightly better price, more often than not you will find they are happy to give you a small discount as well as size the ring for no extra charge without having it sent away for weeks or even months. The high street giants can’t compete with that!

(Shaping The Metal – After being melted down it is forged into a wire which can be shaped)

Another fantastic and rarely thought of option when it comes to affordable wedding rings is going retro! Ok maybe a vintage style isn’t for you but when it comes to saying ‘I do’ fashions haven’t deviated much over the years so whether it be second-hand, pre-loved or pre-owned you’ll find exactly the same styles available for approximately 50% of the price and once polished up these little beauties are as good as new. Sophia says that her favourite option when it comes to your perfect wedding bands, admitting that she is slightly biased, is having them custom made and she is very keen to dissolve the myth that this is the expensive option. At Sophia Lee Jewellery and Commissions they specialise in hand crafting bespoke bridal jewellery including the most important piece of all- your wedding ring. What better way of symbolising your love and commitment than having your wedding bands specially made uniquely for you; not only does this add incredible sentiment but it also allows you complete freedom with the design, down to the smallest detail!

(The Smelting Pot – Gold is heated up to over 1000 °C so it can be melted down and reworked)

Having a skilled goldsmith forge your rings isn’t as expensive as you might think and they will be able to talk you through all of your options with years of knowledge and understanding of the work and materials involved. Be it Gold, Silver or Platinum, you can make an informed decision on what is best for you; taking into consideration the right metal, correct sizing, weight, shape, style, finish, stone setting or whether to engrave or not to engrave. The level of freedom within the design process allows you to work totally with your budget without having to compromise.

(The ring is starting to take shape. Once the shape, size and design is perfect it is ready for finishing)

Sophia says that the best way she has found to allow her customers to have their perfect rings while being budget friendly is by using recycled gold, which can easily be melted down and reworked into your design for a fraction of the cost. This method of smelting down metal also allows customers to contribute their own metal (if you have a cheeky stash). Whether it be a collection of old jewellery you no longer wear or you have something sentimental such as a family heirloom you’d like us to use to create your new bespoke wedding bands, that is perfectly possible and will serve to keep the price down.

(The finished product. The ring has now been filed, polished and intricately diamond set)

Sophia is keen to get brides thinking differently whilst encouraging you to support small independent businesses, craftsmen and artisans. Sophia is confident her prices with do enough of the convincing. Sophia Lee Jewellery and Commissionsoffers free, no obligation quotations so get in touch today for your free consultation.

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