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Choosing Your Wedding Transport

Get me to the Church on time … But just how much time will you need to get there? How will you get there? If these are questions you haven’t started asking yet, then hopefully this post will get you thinking about the array of different options you have to turn up in style to your beautiful wedding day. To a certain extent, practicality is the first and probably, most important element. You don’t want to be turning up to your big day on a horse and carriage in the middle of December. Without wanting to be the party pooper here, there’s a chance it may be very icy, cold, wet or even worse, it could even be snowing. That would keep the horse in the stable and you desperately seeking a plan B which could end up being uncle Barry’s Fiat Panda, hardly glam eh girls!

So top tip #1: Ensure that your transport is suitable for the time of year!

Tip #2: Pick a company that has plenty of positive reviews (punctuality being very important)

Tip #3: Pick a mode of transport that you will enjoy and get fun from

Tip #4: Ensure you plan the journey and check for planned roadworks (have a back up route)

Tip #5: Remember to shop around for the best deals

Okay, so here are a few options to get you thinking …

1. A Car

Probably the most traditional of our choices and one that will cope with any weather conditions. So what’s on offer? Well if your hubby to be has any input it may well be a classic rolls royce, a ferrarri or Porsche, all of which are sure to turn heads but spare a thought for the less conventional. What about a vintage Beetle, a hand crafted Morgan or a Classic Jaguar like the one pictured below from South West Wedding Car Hire? Why not opt for something a little retro? Now, if all these choices are too much of a stretch for your budget, do what I’m doing and find a family member with a lovely white car that you can drape in wedding ribbon. My Mum has a beautiful convertible focus. The cost to me? The price of the ribbon! Bargain! And it will still look absolutely stunning.

2. VW Campervan

If you’re out to turn a head or two, there are some companies that provide fantastic restorations of these classic Campers. They create a beautiful backdrop for stunning photos and to a certain extent, they can act as a prop throughout the day with guests hanging out of the side doors for group photos or if the kids become a nuisance … Only Joking!!

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3. Water Limosine

Is it a boat? Is it a limo? No it’s a Nautilimo! This has to be one of the quirkiest forms of wedding transport we’ve come across and if you fancy something that’s a tad on the different side, then give this a thought. We’ll let you be the judges!

4. Bicycle

Not the most glamorous of transport I hear you say? If the day is a glorious summers day and you’re prepared to have a little fun, there are some fantastic examples of vintage tandem bicycles that will cost between £40 and £70 for the entire day. Again, these make a fantastic addition to photographs and act as an impressive prop for the day too. Not to mention of course, extremely good value for money!

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5. Horse and Carriage

If you want the princess fairy tale dream then Catherine’s Carriages is definitely a truly stunning way to arrive at your big day.

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Are you still struggling to think of a form of transport that expresses and captures you?

Try the following:

(1) A limosine

(2) For the more rural weddings, why not try dressing a tractor?

(3) Love a bit of adrenaline? Then a motorbike could be the one for you!

(4) Not so much of an adrenaline junkie? Then maybe a moterbike and side car could be an option?

(5) Or maybe you’re the sea fairing type, perhaps try a boat? (Water required … Obviously)

(6) What about a double decker bus so you and all your wedding guests can arrive in style!

I hope we’ve given you some inspiration to add a little sparkle to your big day. If you come up with anything different and truly unique, why not send us your story and maybe a pic or two? We’d love to hear from you!

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