Travel + Transport, 27 March 2016

It’s Time To Pack Your Suitcase!

So with wedding season just around the corner, a lot of couples will be thinking about booking their honeymoon soon, perhaps you’ve already gone to the travel agents and told them you’d like to book your honeymoon but suddenly, they cast aside the usual tour operator brochures and reach for the tailor made, no stone unturned, no pocket left unburned, holidays! Now for some lucky guys and gals, this type of honeymoon is within reach but for a lot of people, very often, this type of honeymoon is not even an option with prices into the thousands of pounds. So what options are left for those that want to venture off for some sea, sun and gorgeous blue skies?

A simple rule is to merely book your honeymoon like any normal holiday (bear with me, we’ll add the special touches in a moment) destinations like the Greek Island of Kefalonia, the mountainous beauty of Zakynthos or the variety in Crete are sure winners. If it’s a city holiday you prefer, venture to the Italian charm of Venice or the magical city of Istanbul. These beautifully elegant locations will cost no more than your annual family holiday and yet the experience can be just as wonderful. Don’t forget to tell the operator at the point of purchase that it’s your honeymoon. Very often there are special upgrades you can get to make the trip even more magical. For an added bit of luxury, why not upgrade your flight seats? For short haul flights like these the additional cost will still only lurk in the shadows of the usual cost of a honeymoon destination!

If you’re not for going abroad and prefer things a little closer to home then why not consider a beautiful lodge In the Forest of Dean or a 5* hotel in the historical city of York. Ho seasons do beautiful lodges and for a real touch of honeymoon bliss, why not crack open a bottle of bubbly in the privately positioned hot tubs? Very often, the lodges are set in the most amazing grounds, nestled under an umbrella of stars and for a week, can cost as little as £600 for a luxury lodge.

Affordabe and Eloquent Honeymoon Ideas

The danger with booking a honeymoon is that you get drawn into a world of expensive cocktails, private beaches, personal staff and beds that are adorned with luxury linen, drapes and finery only to return to your humble life in the UK with a bill for thousands to repay. Take it from us when we say that you can have a truly memorable, special and unique honeymoon in some of the worlds most beautiful towns, cities and beaches without it costing the earth.

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