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A Wedding Ceremony in The Mountains

wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Date:


How many guests?


How did you and your partner meet?

Both Hal & I were working for Virgin Active and we had both been asked to appear in a training video for internal use (We now have a video from the wedding ceremony too.) One day, I spotted a co-worker talking to a good-looking guy who I recognized from the video so I decided to casually walk over. My co-worker introduced us and we hit it off straight away.

Do You Remember As If It Was Yesterday?

Yes! I can’t remember exactly what we spoke about but I remember laughing a lot, enjoying the easiness of the interaction and feeling disappointed when I had to leave to get ready for work. I ended up late starting my shift. Hal then started training at my gym almost every day. I got in trouble (on more than one occasion) from my manager for talking with Hal for too long and neglecting my other duties.

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How did he propose?

Hal wanted to give me an early anniversary present so we took a walk down to Brighton Beach where he gave me a booklet which had 6 memories for 6 years. Hal had commissioned a graphic designer to depict 6 of the most memorable moments from our relationship.

He had even remembered details down to the type of shoes we were wearing, one of our first adventures in London and on the final page, it showed a silhouette of Hal down on one knee on the beach. When I looked up, Hal was down on one knee, holding a ring box and told me he wanted to be with me forever.  

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wedding band

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Tell us about your wedding gown?

I wanted a dress that was elegant and classic and I wanted to feel comfortable during the wedding ceremony. I didn’t want the dress to inhibit me from moving freely. As with most brides, I had never before set foot in a bridal boutique and as such, didn’t know what would actually suit my body shape. I selected just one bridesmaid (who always provides an honest yet tactful appraisal) to come on the hunt with me and we dedicated a full day to the endeavor. By the end of the day, I knew that what I was looking for was something more personal and tailored.

How did you come to choose it?

There was one dress that met the original criteria, however, the neckline wasn’t what I’d had in mind. After trying several other stores, I couldn’t get the Shehzarin dress out of my head so we went back and asked if we could make some changes. As all dresses are made from scratch, they insisted my request was very reasonable and we signed off then and there!

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What was your favorite moment from the day?

I can’t name one but I can narrow it down to three. Hal and I did a ‘first look’ 3 hours before the wedding ceremony. The look on Hal’s face when he turned around is something I will never forget and when we finally embraced, I remember feeling overcome with happiness.

Secondly, walking down the aisle towards Hal. We had eyes only for each other and I have never felt so lucky.

Thirdly, dancing to our very last song. By this time, the bus had collected the majority of guests so only close family/friends were left. They formed a circle around us whilst Hal and I stood there singing at our nearest and dearest. It was so emotional.

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wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

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wedding reception

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wedding ceremony, wedding reception
What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day? 

We wanted to keep the style elegant and classic: we always loved the idea of a country wedding, and as such tailored our choices to suit the venue & our colour palette (navy blue, green & white).

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What do you love most about your partner?

I fell in love with his sense of humour, loyalty, determination, dedication, intelligence, optimism, confidence & capacity to love.


It’s the little things,for example; The way he lets me put my cold feet on him to warm up, he always lets me have more of the duvet because he knows I get cold, he always lets me ‘check for poison’ in his food/drinks because I want to taste whatever he’s eating, he genuinely wants to know about my day and what I’m excited/annoyed about, how he can turn even the most serious moment into a gag (whether or not the moment is appropriate) how he can make me feel like the most important & beautiful girl in the room and lastly, his thoughtfulness.

How Are You Different?

I always do thing’s in a more immediate fashion but Hal will consider his options and then finalize (despite the amount of time it can take). This sometimes drives me crazy, but mostly, it’s so lovely to know our relationship is on his mind and he’s doing thing’s to make it better.

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What’s your most important piece of advice for creating and maintaining a strong relationship?

Marriage means loyalty, it means mutual respect, trust, empathy, support, encouragement, friendship and love. It means sticking through the tough times because you know how great the good times are. It means building a strong foundation of friendship, always having each other’s back. It’s important to never lose respect for yourself or your partner. Keep the lines of communication open and be honest. Keep working on it. Sometimes thing’s will be hard but make sure you prioritize what’s important and continue to make time for each other.

Any tips that you can give to future brides?

Have a plan upfront: once you know your approach, the research and execution is really fun!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just how fantastic all of our vendors truly are! When Hal and I talk about the day, we honestly don’t think it could have been as spectacular without such creative, intelligent, kind and fun individuals.


Wedding feature thanks to Giant Invitations

Dress: Shehzarin Batha Couture
Makeup: Clem Cuming
Hair: Julia Baha from Baha Hair Design
Shoes: Bared footwear
Top Image Jewellery
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Bridesmaid dressing room
Grooms Suit:
Bell & Barnett
Pretty tasty – Gayani
Food: Venue provided food
No 1 Blooms
Photographer: Rick Liston
Ceremony/Reception Venue:
Flowerdale Estate
Entertainment: Mercury DJ Hire
Nat Sproal

Any Other Vendors:

Mini bottles of prosecco from the lovely team at Alepat Taylor

A South American Inspired Wedding

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