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Oxwich Bay Beach Wedding

Everyone was so pleased that the weather decided to sort itself out for everyone to get onto the gorgeous beach at Oxwich Bay!

Here are the teaser photos from Phillip Warren Photography of Miriam and Jonny’s big day at Oxwich Bay Hotel. Miriam and Jonny have been together for 12 years. They also got engaged on their 10th anniversary on a beach at Tenby. There’s definitely a theme with this couple with a gorgeous beach right outside their wedding venue at Oxwich Bay Hotel.


Miriam, and Jonathan both got ready at Oxwich Bay Hotel. Miriam occupied the entire bottom room which overlooks the gardens in front of the hotel. Jonathan chose to get ready with his two best men in one of the gorgeous rooms, with incredible views. Which was great as Phillip Warren Photography was able to photograph them both getting ready, without them having the additional expense of a second photographer.

The room which Miriam chose to get ready in was a large room, which they needed due to a large bridal party getting ready, plus hair and make-up artists. The only issue with the room has incredibly large windows which overlooked the entrance to the hotel which meant they could not get dressed because of the fear that they might break tradition of the groom not seeing the bride. They instead dressed in the nearby cottages before walking up to the hotel for the ceremony.

Black-and-white photograph of the bride having her hair done holding her child before the wedding at Oxwich Bay Hotel
Two bridesmaids laughing running down the street outside Oxwich Bay Hotel holding umbrellas
Father of the bride and bride walking down the lane while the father holds the wedding dress up to stop it from getting wet


The ceremony was held in the gorgeous Chestnut Room in Oxwich Bay hotel. The ceremony had some incredible features, including a huge wooden beam of the trunk of a tree. This repeated at the back wall of the room, reminded me of something out of Peter Pan’s lost boys hideout.

The ceremony started with Jonathan looking a little nervous as Miriam entered. Pretty much like every groom when they get married. The ceremony went without a hitch and concluded with a nice story from the registrar. It was then time for the happy couple to walk out and to make their way outside for the traditional confetti photo.

They quickly ran through the group photos, including a large photo of the entire wedding party from the upstairs window of one of the rooms in the hotel. Much thanks from Phillip Warren Photography to the staff for the keys to the room, lucky no one had checked in yet! After some candid shots, he rushed up to the marque to take photos of the setup before all the guests got called up.

Black-and-white photograph of the groom praying just before the wedding ceremony at Oxwich Bay Hotel
Bride and groom smiling as they leave the ceremony room at Oxwich Bay hotel after they’ve been married
Bride and groom being covered with pink confetti outside of Oxwich Bay Hotel


The Gower is renowned worldwide for having some of the best beaches in the world, and one of the best is Oxwich Bay. More often than not, Phillip Warren Photography takes the bride and groom away for photos during the summer months after the food and speeches. There are many reasons for this. The light is often softer and more flattering and lower in the sky which makes the photos so much nicer! Another reason is the happy couple tend to be more relaxed. Having got (all bar the first dance) formalities out of the way. So, the Bride, Groom and Photographer made their way down to the beach, along with the Videographer to get some shots (and drone shots). Keep in mind this is a couple that “don’t like having photos taken”. You could never tell.

Bride and groom holding each other as the veil flows in the wind towards the camera on the beach at Oxwich Bay
Black-and-white photograph of the bride and groom holding each other on the beach
Bride and groom walking down the beach with the sand dunes and blue sea of the Gower in the background
Bride holding the grooms head on the beach at Oxwich Bay in the evening sun when the groom looks directly at her smiling
Photograph of the bride and groom on the beach in Oxwich bay with the sun setting behind them
Married couple in the distance walking on the beach towards the camera with the sand dunes and sea at Oxwich bay
Portrait of the bride and groom with the groom standing behind the bride with the beach and sea in the background


Pretty much as soon as they finished on the beach they were called in to the marquee to cut the cake and have their first dance. The party soon kicked off with a slight break for the buffet which did not stop the fun. Phillip Warren Photography finished with his tradition of providing a “wedding present” of buying shots for the happy couple. Not any old shots, but they have to pick each others poison. Brilliant!

Black-and-white photograph with the bride and groom kissing during the first dance in the marquee at Oxwich Bay Hotel wedding
Black and white photograph of the bride and groom on the dance floor during the wedding reception at Oxwich Bay Hotel


Make-up Artist: Becci Marie Edwards

Hair: Amelia Newman Hair Designer

Wedding Dress Details: Rosa Clará from CocoMio Bridal

Shoes: Rainbow Club

Suits: Dyfed Menswear

Wedding Cake Maker: Cousin – Bridesmaid

Flowers: Roots Flowers by Jess

Videographer: MJ Motion Films

Venue Dressing: Roots Flowers by Jess and The Wedding Business

Entertainment: In-house DJ

First Dance Song: Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Any Other Suppliers: Opal and Arch

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