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5 Things You Should Practice Before Your Big Day

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When it comes to your wedding planning, there are 5 very important things you should practice on the run up to your big day.

#1 Your vows 

Whether or not you’re going with personalized wedding vows, it’s a good idea to practice them on the run up to your big day so that you’re confident in what needs to be said. It’s also a good idea to practice any speeches you have planned as well. 

#2 Your hair and make up 

If you’re having your hair and make up done by a qualified professional, then they will insist on doing a trial run on the run up to your big day to make sure you’re happy with everything but if you are planning to do your hair and make up yourself or are planning on a friend doing it, then make sure you get your practice in beforehand. 

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#3 Your pose in front of the camera 

Have a chat with your photographer as they should be able to give you a few tips on how to feel natural in front of the camera. It’s also a good idea to have an engagement photo shoot so you can get to know what you like or don’t like or if you prefer your head tilted slightly to one side instead of being photographed straight on etc. 

#4 The first dance 

The first dance can be such a daunting experience, especially if you’ve never danced before. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to take emergency dance classes although that would be fun! You can practice your first dance together in the comfort of your own home. You’re guaranteed to feel a lot more comfortable than if you just tried winging it on your wedding day. 

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#5 Walking in your shoes 

Finally, break in those wedding shoes prior to your big day. Make sure they’re comfortable and you can actually walk in them. You don’t want to be struggling up the aisle in shoes that hurt now, do you? Try them on with your wedding dress too and get an idea of how the dress flows.  

These things may sound small but will have a massive impact on the preparation of your big day and will make sure you exude confidence whether you’re walking up the aisle, taking your first dance as husband and wife or posing with the photographer. You’ll be glad you got some practice in, believe me! 

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