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Why You Need To Book A Videographer

wedding videographer

Did you know that the number one wedding regret is not booking a videographer to capture such a big day? With the most important moments condensed into one magical video, it’s no wonder people regret not doing it. We’re going to share with you why you should definitely think about hiring a videographer for your big day.

#1 Your own memories will fade

As special as your wedding is, the smaller details of the day such as jokes that the best man made in his speech or the tied tongues that occurred during the exchanging of the vows will slowly be forgotten. Having it captured on video will help remind you of the things that shaped your perfect wedding.

#2 Your fiance’s reaction will be captured

Brides are often so preoccupied with looking at their guests as they walk the aisle that they forget to look at their partner. This means, they completely miss their reactions! Having a videographer on hand will make sure you don’t miss those special moments.

#3 You’ll see things you would have otherwise missed

With so many guests approaching you to wish you well, there will be a lot that you miss. Having the opportunity to look back on it will allow you to see things you would have otherwise missed. You’ll be able to see the Groom getting ready and your bridesmaids walking down the aisle before you make your grand entrance.

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#4 You’ll relive your day over and over again

Whilst it’s nice to have a photo album, being able to look back on a video that captures every last detail will allow you to relive your wedding day till your hearts content.

#5 It’s a keepsake for your children

If you haven’t yet started a family or your little ones were too little to remember your big day, this is the perfect way for them to see your wedding even though time has past.

#6 You’ll capture friends and family

Whilst life moves on and relatives who once celebrated with you are no longer around, this is the perfect way to look back and cherish the memories they helped you to create.

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#7 You needn’t wish they’d been there

If your brother has since met his wife and married, rather than wish they’d been there to witness your big day, you can show them in hindsight.

#8 You’ll capture excitement and emotion

Whilst it’s true that a photo can speak 1,000 words, a video can speak 1,000 more! You’ll be able to relive just how excited everyone was as you embarked on your newlywed journey.

#9 You can share it by the click of a button

Uploading 200 photos can be time consuming, where as a video is uploaded to social media by the click of a button meaning you can waste no time sharing it with your friends and family.

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#10 Guests who couldn’t make it can still be a part of your big day

If you have guests who unfortunately couldn’t make it. This is a great way for them to see the wedding unfold even after its taken place.

#11 No awkward poses

Posing for photos can often feel uncomfortable where as a videographer captures the more natural elements of the day, so much so, you’re unlikely to even notice they’re there!

#12 You can choose your own backing soundtrack

Do you have a special song that’s unique to you as a couple? Make sure you let your videographer know and they can incorporate the song into your wedding day video.

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#13 It might not be that expensive

Many brides don’t even look into hiring a videographer as it’s often assumed that they’re expensive but many suppliers have offers on and are wanting your business just as much as you want a videographer!

#14 You won’t have any regrets

Don’t let this be a wedding day regret, make sure you have a videographer to capture your big day if that’s what you want. After all, this is your big day so you should have everything you ever dreamed of!

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