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What The Best Man Needs To Know

what the best man needs to know

Here’s a list of what the best man needs to know:

So, you’ve been asked to carry out one of the most important jobs of the day? A role where you must be responsible, thoughtful, an all round entertainer and meticulously organised. I hope I didn’t get you in too much of a sweat there! Being the Best Man comes with a fair degree of responsibility. With that said, a little checklist may just keep the nerves at bay and allow you to be an effective best man for your best pal.

On the run up to the big day, the number one task is to organise the stag do

Whether it’s a night on the tiles, a relaxing game of golf or an adrenaline pumping sky dive, remember to look after the groom. Ensure he gets home and that the stag do is long enough before the big day to allow for a period of recovery. (That’s the responsible bit I was referring to above.)

Next on the list is the speech

A few tips would be to keep it clean (relatively), don’t insult the bride or mother of the bride (the groom is fair game.) Be complimentary and remember to include a thank you for the guests and family members. Try to include a joke or two. (That’s the thoughtful bit.)

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Remember the rings

It’s no good saying you left them at home or can’t remember where you put them. Guard them with your life, keep them safe and remember that this is the symbol of love which your best friend will exchange with his new wife. (That’s the meticulously organised bit I was referring to.)

Those are the three most important things but there are others to remember

You’ll need to help your friend choose his attire, keep him calm on the big day, drive him to the ceremony, greet the guests, keep the party ticking over, act as compare, walk the maid of honour down the aisle, ensure the toasts flow in order, dance with the bride and maid of honour, act as host… The list really does go on. There’s a simple and easy way to remember all of this. Be the best friend by putting your mate firmly at the centre of your thoughts for the day. He chose you because he trusts you, because you won’t let him down and because out of everyone he knows, he thought you would do the best job. If you keep that in mind, and this little list in your pocket, you’re bound to do him proud.

So there you have it, a list of what the best man needs to know.

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