6 Things You Shouldn’t Wear To A Wedding

what not to wear to a wedding

There are some unspoken wedding day rules that should be adhered to and here, we’ve listed the top things you should not wear to a wedding.

#1 White

The number one rule when attending a wedding is to not wear white. Chances are you’ll offend the bride and no one wants to have that on their conscience! If you turn up in a white dress, people will think you’re trying to upstage the bride and chances are, you’ll never live it down!

#2 Black

The colour black is commonly associated with funerals and given that weddings are about celebration, try and opt for a colour that’s not associated with death.

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#3 Anything Too Casual

Many informal summer weddings are very casual but that’s not to say you should turn up in a pair of denim jeans or a tracksuit. You’ll be expected to appear in photographs so make sure you look the part as you wouldn’t want to risk upsetting the bride, especially if she’s forked out over £1,000 for you to be photographed.

#4 Anything Too Raunchy

So you’ve not had chance to wear that mini dress with a plunging neckline and cut outs on the side. DO NOT wear it to the church as that probably won’t go down too well.

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#5 Big Accessories

Fascinators are great but make sure they’re not too big as this might block the view of the person sitting behind you. If the Grandmother misses the vows because you’re headpiece is in the way, it won’t go down well.

#6 Killer Heels

Yes, it may complete your outfit but it’s not worth the pain if you’re unable to dance the night away. If you absolutely insist on wearing them, make sure you also bring flats to change into. It’s better to be prepared than in pain.

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