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What If Wedding Plans Don’t Go To Plan?

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We’ve all heard those dreaded horror stories of wedding plans being a total disaster! The wedding cars not turning up, the food being served late and the bride’s dress catching fire …

Yes, that has actually happened!

But do you really think it had a long lasting effect on the couples big day?

The answer … No!

The reality is, wedding plans go wrong and it’s these little mishaps that people are going to look back on with fondness. Your guests will remember these things with a smile for years to come and so our top tip would be to accept that not everything will go to plan and that it’s the imperfections that will make your day perfect.

However ironic that may sound!

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You hear of it all the time where nothing goes to plan, I know a couple who’s caterer turned up drunk (They’d passed their driving test the night before and had obviously had a night on the town to celebrate!) On top of that, the band didn’t show up and it poured down with rain, followed by thunder and lightening! Did I mention it was the height of spring?

What to do if you find yourself in that situation?

You’ve got to remember that it’s the one day where you have lots of people on hand to help, after all, what are the best men for, right? They’ll be on hand as well as the venue staff and your bridesmaids to improvise so that you don’t have to and guess what? Through all the dis-organised chaos, your guests will be having a thoroughly good time, it’s a given!

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Don’t fret!

If the band doesn’t show up for whatever reason, you’ll most likely end up with the best man alongside the bridesmaids, singing a slightly tipsy rendition of your favourite song but so what! Worry about the refund later. It’s these moments that you’ll remember forever. There will come a time in your lives when you’re old and grey, sitting on your porch, sipping a cup of tea and you’d do anything to go back and relive those treasured memories so embrace all the mishaps, smile through the imperfections, after all this is your first memory as husband and wife and it should be the happiest day you could ever have wished it could be.

Sometimes you just have to throw your wedding plans right out the window!

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