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Tips For Being Well Groomed – Excuse The Pun!

Whether you have an organised husband to be who wants to take part in all the decision making or the type of future husband that’s happy to sit back and allow you to make all the decisions, one thing is for sure, you’ll undoubtedly want a part to play in how he dresses on your big day. We’re not talking colour of socks here but some things are key to ensuring that there are no clashing colours or elements likely to make photographs not look the way you wanted them to.

How To Get Your Future Husband Helping Out

Choosing the colour and cut of the suit, whether to have top and tails, full morning suit or opting for a simple suit is really a matter of choice and preference that your partner will want to make for himself and rightly so. He needs to feel comfortable and confident in what he is wearing and so these things need little involvement from you. Where you may want a say is in the colour of the shirt, the tie or cravat and the shoes.

Choosing a shoe with a high shine may be fine for a summer ball but is likely to detract from other elements in the photos. Picking shoes that are comfortable for the day is important but remember that the higher the shine, the more attention they will attract in photographs that may take away from other elements. The shirt and tie or cravat are probably the most important element. If you have elements of pink in the detail of your dress and accessories, it’s unlikely that a green tie or cravat is going to go particularly well.

5 Stress Free Tips To Wedding Dress Shopping

Take time to think about how you can blend and marry your colours and tones to compliment each other. For example, a soft pink tone in your dress and accessories may make you want to consider a pink or off white shirt, a light pink cravat or tie and maybe some pink detailed cuff links.

The little details can have a really positive impact so take time to look at what elements you can bring together in both your attire to really create a marriage of ideas that will look superb on the day. And don’t forget the best man, ushers and bridesmaids too! They could also have matching colour elements in their attire that will make photographs look stunning and really create a sense of attention to the finer details.

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