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A Brides Emergency Kit: What To Include

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We have a complete list of wedding planning tips and ideas that are essential in the event of an emergency. You may want to change the items to suit you but make sure you keep it close to you as you start this magical day. Your wedding day is the one day of your life where all eyes are on you and so you want to make sure you look your absolute best by having a wedding day emergency kit on hand to assist you. Whether it’s touching up your make up, cutting off loose threads or downing a paracetamol. 

What Should You Include:

#1 Tissues

There is no doubt you will shed a few tears so make sure you have tissues on hand to blot them away before they destroy your make up.

#2 Wet wipes

In case your dress gets marked prior to walking down the aisle and you need something to dab it away, these will always come in handy!

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#3 Paracetamol

Believe it or not, this is the one day you’re more likely to get a headache if you don’t look after yourself properly. So many brides get so caught up in the excitement of their big day that they forget to eat or drink anything until it’s too late so make sure you have paracetamol on hand to give you some necessary pain relief.

#4 Food and drink

Make sure you pack a water bottle and a few snacks that’ll give you some much needed energy throughout the day.

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#5 Hair Essentials

You’ll want to have additional bobby pins on hand to hold your wedding hair in place if some strands falls loose whilst you’re on the dance floor. You’ll also want a comb and a miniature bottle of hairspray.

#6 Miniature deodorant / perfume

If you’re having a summer wedding or intending to dance the night away till the early hours, you’ll be glad you packed a spare deodorant to freshen up with.

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#7 Nail Clippers

Whether it be for trimming a nail or cutting off a loose thread from your wedding dress, these will certainly come in handy.

#8 Sanitary products

Because you just never know when lightening might strike!

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#9 Sewing Kit

If you are good with a needle and thread, this will come in handy if a button pops off your dress or someone accidentally stands on your train and tears the material … Yes, this has actually happened before and you wouldn’t be the first!

#10 Safety Pins

If you’re no good with a needle and thread or simply won’t have time to sew anything on the morning of your wedding, safety pins are always a good shout and can fix a dress into place at the click of a button.

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#11 Glue

Whether it be to hold your eyelashes in place or for your false nails. Make sure you have glue on hand to fix whatever could go wrong.

#12 Mints

Because you’ll want to make sure you’re minty fresh before kissing your hubby at the alter!

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#13 Make up and compact mirror

Whether it just be a case of reapplying lip gloss or touching up your foundation, make sure you pack any essential make up you might need to keep your face looking fresh.

#14 Cotton buds

Cotton buds are always good for dabbing away mascara that may end up under your eyes after you’ve cried at the wedding speeches.

#15 Oil blotting sheets

These are designed to blot away any oils that may appear on your face as the day goes on. It’ll just keep your make up looking fresh and will stop it sliding or smudging. In our opinion, it’s an essential bit of kit!

#16 Tweezers

These are handy to remove any stray hairs that may make an unwanted appearance on your wedding day.

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#17 Gel pads

If you’ve opted for a heel of any kind, these are a life saver if your feet start to hurt. Make sure you break in your shoes to avoid blisters.

#18 Plasters

And if all else fails, make sure you have plasters on hand to alleviate any pain that blisters might cause. These come in handy at weddings anyway especially if you have children attending.

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