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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Planners

wedding planners

Here are our top tips on finding your perfect wedding planners:

#1 They fit your budget

First things first, do you have room in your budget? Yes? Then you must absolutely hire one to ensure your day runs smoothly. If the answer is no then you still might want to reconsider as a wedding planner is key to unlocking a number of discounts and freebies so the cost of hiring one might just save you money after all.

#2 Outstanding reviews

Once you’ve decided that your budget can stretch to a wedding planner, the next thing you want to check is what people are saying about them. Reviews are critical to any business and if 90% of people are telling you to avoid at all costs, you should probably do just that. Search for wedding planners that come highly reviewed and recommended.

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#3 They have an impressive portfolio

Once you’ve chosen your wedding planner, do your research and make sure they’re up to the job. Ask them to show you pictures of previous weddings they have had the privilege of planning. If they can provide you with a jaw dropping portfolio, you know you’re onto a winner!

#4 They have what you need

Make a list of what it is you want them to do and make sure they’re able to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

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#5 You share the same vision

If you can connect to your wedding planner and they really understand what it is you want to create and are able to work with you to achieve the same goal, your wedding is likely to be golden!

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