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Top Tips For Wedding Planning

wedding photography planning tips

As your special day quickly approaches, it’s easy to let slip some important things that will help the day run smoothly. Dale Kirkman, a very talented wedding photographer from Dale Kirkman Photography tells us his photography wedding planning tips for producing fabulous photos! This is a guy who knows what he’s talking about so take his advice to ensure your wedding photography runs smoothly.

#1 Make a list

Make a list of the group shots you want and hand it over to your photographer

#2 Delegate jobs

Best Men, Ushers and Bridesmaids can help organise family members to be next in line to say cheese before hitting the bar!

#3 Ask Yourself What’s Important

Have you thought of any personal individual photos you feel are important? Such as any sentimental items, photo’s of the rings etc.

#4 Do Your Research

Browse Google, Pinterest and Instagram to find wedding photography styles you like. Be sure to send them to your wedding photographer as soon as possible so they can achieve the same style of photos.

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#5 Don’t stress

Don’t stress about the dress. The reality is, it’s going to collect dust as you walk down the aisle. Don’t let this hold you back from achieving the photographs you want. Remember, photographers can work their photo shop magic!

#6 Make Time For The Speeches

Have the speeches before the wedding breakfast – Don’t let your meal be ruined because of nerves! Get them out of the way early so you can enjoy your food.

#7 Have Fun

The main thing to remember is to take a step back, relax and just let yourself go. Have fun because you’ll remember this day for a lifetime!

If you’d like Dale Kirkman to be your wedding photographer, contact him here today.

For more photography wedding planning tips and advice, click here.

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