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5 Things You Should Know: Wedding Make Up

wedding make up

Here are 5 things your wedding make up artist wants you to know:

#1 Have an idea of what you want 

When it comes to the make-up trial, the make-up artist has probably allocated a few hours to do your make-over but it’s no good going there and expecting them to know what you want, your make-up artist is talented but she / he is not a mind reader! It’s best to go equip with some images of make-up styles you like so they know what overall look you want to create. The more information you give them, the more information they have to work with. 

#2 Prepare your skin in advance 

A make-up artists canvas is your face so you want to make sure you look after it especially on the run up to your big day. All too often we jump in the shower to wash our face but believe it or not, this doesn’t always remove every last trace of make-up, oil or dirt which can clog up pores that lead to breakouts.

Invest in a face sponge so you can remove every last trace of dirt from your face. Apply a face mask (or two) to really soften the skin. After all, you want to be glowing in your wedding photos. If you want, you can also fill a bucket with hot water (you want to be extremely careful so you don’t end up burning yourself) place a towel over your head and hover your face over the steam. This will open up and free your pores from any dirt. 

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#3 Make sure your face is clean on arrival 

Some people feel uncomfortable without make up and may be tempted to apply a bit of foundation … Do NOT do this! Your make-up artist will want to prep, prime and apply the make-up from scratch.

#4 Don’t feel like you have to talk 

Some of us feel uncomfortable sitting in silence and feel like we need to fill in the gaps. However, when it comes to getting your make up done, don’t feel like you need to do this. Your make-up artist is working on your face and will appreciate you being as still as possible. Obviously, you can make small talk when he / she first arrives. After that though, sit back and enjoy the moments piece. Let them get to work creating your overall wedding look. 

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#5 With that being said, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion 

The chances are you’ve already had a trial with your chosen makeup artist so they should already know what look they’re creating however if on the day they do something you’re not entirely comfortable with, make sure you speak up. Your make-up artist won’t be offended, it’s their job to make sure you’re comfortable and they will do everything to make sure that is the case. 

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