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Horoscope for Gemini Brides 

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Were you born between May 21st and June 21st? Well congratulations! That makes you an Gemini Bride! With Gemini being the chattiest sign of the zodiac, it’s likely your wedding will be a big affair and an even bigger party! Your guests certainly be forgetting this in a hurry! Ever wondered what your first year as Husband and Wife will be like? Wonder no longer as we have it covered! 

Love and Relationships: 

As we have previously mentioned, Gemini is the chattiest sign of all the zodiacs. With this in mind, it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes attract acquaintances rather than friends. Look at your friendship circle and concentrate on those who really care about you. Once you do, your relationships will take you to new levels of togetherness and you’ll create some amazing and long-lasting bonds. 

When it comes to you and your other half, Saturn will teach you tough lessons about endurance and how relationships are built to last. This will be tough but see it through with openness and honesty. After all, it’s these tough situations that make you stronger as a couple so see it as a blessing in disguise.  

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Careers and Finances: 

This year will teach you how to delegate which is perfect when it comes to planning your wedding. Gemini likes to be in control but trusting your bridesmaids to help you out will be all it takes to get the ball rolling. Once you see how productive delegation can be, you’ll apply it to your work life and will wonder why you never did it before! 2019 is the year of insight for Gemini meaning their will big shifts as you adjust the way you do things. These big shifts can lead to exciting new opportunities when it comes to your career. 2019 will be a serious year for paying off debt and building a financially stable future for yourselves. 

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Health and Wellbeing: 

With all that’s to be learnt this year, take your frustrations to the gym and rest in the knowledge that next year will be a better one. 2019 is all about learning but you will be a stronger and more stable couple as a result of it. With Jupiter playing a key role this year, joining a gym or concentrating on healthy eating will be a bit of an adventure for you and you will have the determination in place to succeed at whatever it is you put your mind to. 

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