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Creating The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

wedding hashtag

Here at Fund Your wedding, we absolutely love a wedding hashtag! A hashtag allows your guests to share photos from their perspective and makes it easier for you to print Instagram photos following your wedding as they are all in one place. For this reason, we have come up with 6 top tips to create the perfect wedding hashtag. 

#1 Play around with your names 

Usually the hashtag is a play on the couples names or a creative phrase so play around with this as your basis. Use your first, middle and last names or any nicknames you were given at school. You want to make sure that it’s memorable so that your guests are more likely to use it.  

#2 Play on words 

This is one area of your wedding where you can be as creative as you want so think of puns, rhymes or sayings that are funny as well as memorable. 

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#3 Use capitals 

To make your hashtag easier to read and easier to remember, make sure you capitalize the first letter of each word. 

#4 Avoid spelling errors 

Once you’ve created your wedding hashtag, read over it to identify any obvious ways your hashtag could be spelled incorrectly. To avoid any misspellings, you may want to shorten names or swap names around so that they read better. This coupled with capitalization means your guests are more likely to remember your hashtag correctly. 

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#5 Research your hashtag 

Hashtags are rarely yours exclusively, so research the hashtag you’ve chosen and make sure you’re happy with it. It could be that someone else has used the very same hashtag for a wedding and you wouldn’t want your photos to get mixed up with theirs so this would be the time to consider changing it slightly, whether that be incorporating a number or swapping the names around so that it reads differently. 

#6 Spread the word 

Once you’ve come up with a suitable hashtag, you want to incorporate it everywhere, for example: On the save the dates, the wedding website, orders of service and on any handmade signs to remind your guests to take and share lots of pictures. 

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