Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress tips

Choosing your wedding dress is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting moments on the lead up to your big day. It’s the one day you get to dress like an absolute princess and therefore, you should feel like a million bucks in whatever gown you decide to go for. Sadly however, this isn’t always the case and many brides have wedding dress regrets so we’re here to help you choose that flawless frock to frolic down the aisle in. Here are our wedding dress tips:

1.Do your research 

Scour Pinterest for wedding dress inspiration. Take time out to look through hundreds of different dresses that range in style, length and material. This will help you get a feel for what you like as well as what you don’t. When you come to book your appointment with the bridal shop, you’ll have a better idea of what styles you like which saves you pulling every dress off the shelf.  

2. Know the fine details 

Being organised and knowing the finer details is key when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown. For example, if you’re getting married at the height of summer then a long sleeved dress might be out of the question or if you’re going for a vintage theme then a tea length lace dress might work well. In terms of the venue, if you’ve chosen to get married out in the open or near woodland then maybe a bohemian style dress would work nicely? Why not write a list of all the things that may affect what type of wedding dress you wear so you have a better idea what style will work best for your wedding.  

5 Stress Free Steps To Wedding Dress Shopping

3. Familiarize yourself with any insecurities 

Everybody has hang ups about their body so know what yours are before you go wedding dress8 shopping because if you’re having a vintage themed wedding and were thinking of having a tea length dress but hate your legs, it isn’t going to work and nor should it because you should feel supremely confident on your big day.  It’s a good idea to tell your bridal fitter what you feel insecure about because they will be able to suggest wedding styles that hide your flaws, accentuate your assets which will result in you feeling super sexy as you walk down the aisle.  

4. Know your budget 

Know what you want to spend and shop around to find your dream dress within that budget. Bridal boutiques have fantastic sales throughout the year so who knows, you may bag yourself a bargain! 

Make A Profit On Your Wedding Dress

5. Schedule an appointment 

Now that we’ve determined what styles you like, what you like / don’t like about yourself and how much you want to spend, it’s time to book an appointment. You’re probably not in the habit of booking appointments when you go shopping but this is one occasion where you’ll want one on one support and so booking an appointment is essential. 

6. Keep an open mind 

Once you’ve booked your appointment and know which style of wedding dress you are looking for, allow the bridal fitter to throw in a couple of wild cards because you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Could You Trash Your Wedding Dress

7. Don’t buy the first one you try on 

We recommend going away and thinking on it for at least a week, even if you love it! If you literally can’t stop thinking about it then you know it’s the dress for you. 

8. Don’t take too many people with you 

Too many opinionated people will cloud your view and may sway you from what you originally wanted for your big day so we recommend taking a handful of close family and friends whose opinion you value and who you trust to help you look like the beautiful bride.  

Your Wedding Dress For Less

9. Trust your intuition 

Trust your instincts if your friends are telling you to ditch the diamanté shoes but you love them. After all, it’s your big day! 

10. Don’t forget the alterations 

Make sure you follow up with fittings to ensure your dress looks the best it possibly can. 

For more wedding dress tips, click here.

If you have any other wedding dress tips you’d like to share, please feel free to comment them below.

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