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Wedding Day Make Up Don’ts

wedding day make up

#1 Get a spray tan 

Of course, we all want to look sun kissed on the day of our wedding but whatever you do, don’t schedule in a spray tan on the morning of your wedding because when your make-up artist comes to moisturize and prime the skin, it can leave your face looking streaky and not at all sun kissed! 

#2 Wax 

Obviously waxing can cause your skin to become red, inflamed and very sensitive. It’s very hard getting foundation to sit well on freshly waxed skin. 

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#3 Show up empty handed 

It’s best to give your make-up artist enough information to work from whether that’s photographs, magazine clippings or photos plucked straight off your Instagram feed. Whatever it is, the more examples you give them, the better the desired outcome.  

#4 Ignore suggestions 

You may have a look in mind which you’d like to recreate but take on board any suggestions that the make-up artist may have. They are qualified and know what will look good on you. Have an idea in mind but also be guided by them. 

#5 Wear Make Up 

If you find it uncomfortable leaving the house without any make up then by all means don’t do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, the make-up artist can always remove your foundation however your face is a make-up artists canvas so turning up with a fresh face is the ideal. 

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#6 Accentuate your eyes and lips 

Choose one that you want to stand out but don’t choose both. Accentuating both your eyes and lips can all be too much and can ruin the overall look so just choose one that you’d like the make-up artist to concentrate on. 

#7 Do something out of your comfort zone  

It’s nice to do something extra special for your wedding day make up but don’t go too over the top, it may look nice on the model but you may suddenly find yourself feeling uncomfortable if it’s something you’re not used too. Just be careful to ensure you don’t end up straying too far out of your comfort zone. 

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#8 Watch it being done 

The overall look comes together right at the very end and watching it being done can cause unneccessary stress. The make-up artist has a vision in mind that you may be unable to see so sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered. If at the end, there’s something you’re not completely happy about then the make-up artist can always tweak it at the very end. 

#9 Refuse lashes 

If false lashes are a bit out of your comfort zone, perhaps opt for a few individual lashes on the outer corners of your eyes. It just completes your overall make up look especially when it comes to those all important wedding photos. 

#10 Listen to others opinion 

Your best friend may have her own ideas on what looks good on you but don’t listen to her opinion, leave it down to the professional and trust that he / she will do a good job. The last thing you want to do is doubt if you look good on your wedding day. 

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#11 Be afraid to speak up 

If there’s something that you’re not 100% comfortable with, make sure you speak up. Your make-up artist won’t be offended, it’s their job to make you feel 100% confident. With this in mind, talk openly with them so that you feel super sexy walking down the aisle. 

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