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Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

wedding budget

Sticking to a wedding budget no longer means compromising on the quality or having to go without. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we believe a good quality wedding does not have to be expensive and we’re going to show you how.

1. Decide your budget

Decide how much you can afford and how much you would like to spend. Remember, weddings don’t have to be expensive so don’t over estimate your budget because you think that this is the case. After all, you don’t want to spend the first of your married years climbing out of debt so stick with something that you are happy with.

Make A Profit On Your Wedding Dress

2. Decide what’s important to you

For a lot of couples, it is easy to get carried away when planning a wedding but just take a little time out, breathe and decide what’s important to you. For me, the most important thing was to marry the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I didn’t personally care much for fancy chair covers and those types of things and so I did without them.

Also, I’m not a big drinker and so having alcohol at my wedding wasn’t really important to me. Instead I bought two eight litre drink dispensers for £30 and filled one up with a refreshing alcoholic cocktail and another with an elderflower soft drink. There was an open bar for people to buy their own alcohol if they wanted to. This meant that the venue was happy because they still made money from those that wished to drink, my guests were happy because to some extent, drinks had been provided and we were happy because it cost us a grand total of £30!!

Are You Money Savvy?

3. Who do you know?

There’s usually a friend or family member somewhere that has a secret talent, perhaps an aspiring photographer, a guitarist, a band member? Explore these avenues first because you usually find that these avenues can be just as good as the paid professionals. Maybe you’ve got a mother in law that loves baking, maybe she’d be honoured to make you a wedding cake, don’t be afraid to ask them to play a part in your big day, the worst they can say is no but chances are, they’d love to help you out.

4. Explore your talents

There are loads of ‘Do It Yourself’ videos online that help you to create really simple but beautifully effective centerpieces and decorations so before you go out and spend a fortune, check out our Youtube channel and you’ll soon find inexpensive ways of creating your own wedding decorations. Remember girls, if I can make it, you definitely can!

Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces For Just £3!!

5. Divide your budget

Once you’ve found what’s important to you, you want to divide your budget into sections. How much will go towards the venue, the dress etc. To help you, we’ve actually compiled a list of venues under £1,000! A list of venues under £500! And a list of wedding dresses under £250! Check out our other blogs for more details.

6. Dare to dream and eliminate any limiting beliefs

No matter what your budget, write a list of everything you want to have included on your wedding day. If you’re budget looks anything like mine, you may have already had a moment of panic wondering what you’re going to get for your money but eliminate those limiting beliefs. If you assume you can’t get something for such a low price, you won’t look for the bargains and you’ll end up breaking the budget so believe that it is possible.

The Best Things In Life Are Free .. Especially When Planning Your Wedding!

7. Have fun along the way

Ever heard people say that planning a wedding is stressful? This doesn’t have to be the case and we’re here to help make it as stress free as possible. Remember, these are the days leading up to your wedding and you want to look back on them with fondness so remember to have fun planning your special day.

8. Pay it forward

If you’ve managed to create your dream wedding on a budget then we want to hear from you. Email us your stories with some wedding photos and we’ll feature your story on our blog. Together, we can help save other women lots of money on their dream day!

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