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Vintage Wedding Theme: Get The Look

Vintage wedding theme

Creating an authentic vintage wedding theme needn’t add thousands to your budget. Yes, you could splash out on a vintage Rolls Royce, spend twice as much on that vintage dress and a near fortune on vintage bridesmaids dresses to boot but creating a vintage look without the price tag takes just a little imagination and work to pull off and you’ll instantly be saving yourself a fortune!

Our first tip would be to add lace!

Wrapping candle jars, drinks dispensers, even invitations in lace is a sure fire way to inject a vintage theme into your day. The neutral colours and minute detail explode with vintage authenticity to create a really beautiful and yet affordable look. You could also wrap pearl beads or twine around candle jars to create the same vintage look and feel.

vintage wedding ideas

How To Stick To A Budget

A Vintage Wedding Cake

A vintage wedding cake sounds terribly expensive and yet really, it’s not. Whether your Mum is making the cake or a local business, you can make the vintage alterations afterwards. Take some thick lace and wrap it around the cake stand, get some edible flowers and scatter them all over the cake, attach a few edible pearls here and there and you’ll have yourself a fab looking vintage cake.  If that sounds like too much effort with you already having to plan and prepare for your big day. Why not have a simple tiered sponge cake made at a fraction of the cost of a detailed vintage inspired cake as this will really add to the rustic charm.

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The Food

Believe it or not, you can even add vintage charm to your meal by having a classic afternoon tea or if that’s not for you, why not serve your deserts in vintage tea cups. Your guests will love the attention to detail.

vintage wedding inspiration

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The Drinks

Why not get yourself vintage drink dispensers, fill them to the brim with homemade cocktails that have been named by yours truly and get your guests to drink from glass jars instead of glasses. This is a great way to add an element of fun to your vintage inspired wedding.

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The Menus

When it comes to the menus, you might think that they come as standard but why not rewrite the menus onto scroll paper and have it written in old handwriting styles. If you wanted to, you can add vintage charm to almost anything.

The Flowers

If you’re looking for a vintage inspired bouquet, why not have one custom made for you using broaches like the one from Bouquets With Love. Not only does this look incredible and will have your guests commenting on just how beautiful your bouquet is but it means you’ll be able to treasure your bouquet for a lifetime and perhaps even pass it down to your own children when they come to get married.

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The Guestbook

When packing for your honeymoon, why not pack an extra suitcase for your wedding! Vintage suitcases can be picked up very cheaply. You can find them at boot sales and charity shops. Open it up, add a little vintage bunting and one or two aged books and make the suitcase a place where guests can drop your cards and gifts or leave comments in your vintage styled guest book. A real head turning centerpiece and a way to add some real vintage charm.

The Signs

From the invitations to the signs outside your venue. You have an opportunity to add some real rustic charm and transport your guests back in time. All you need is some weathered boards, some chalk and someone very good at ye olde handwriting!

Save Money On Your Big Day

Table Decorations

There’s still the table decorations to think about so why not use old recycled books, cut out butterflies and decorate your table with these. This is a sure way to add a vintage and rustic feel throughout your venue and is really easy and inexpensive to pull off.

Additional Extras

Cut doilies in half, roll them into cone shapes, add confetti and use them as confetti cones. There are a myriad of  things to make your wedding truly vintage without the huge price tag. Your guests are bound to be impressed! Over the coming months we’ll show you how to make some of these wonderful vintage elements so subscribe to our Youtube Channel which we hope to have packed with content in the very near future. Remember, vintage is about creating a feel and look, not about spending thousands! So, use your imagination, use a little guidance from us, put in a little hard work and you’re there!

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