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Spring Wedding: 5 Things You Have To Tackle

spring wedding

With spring being a symbol of new beginnings, it’s the perfect time to get married. However, there are a few things to consider when planning your spring wedding.

1.Bad weather 

The weather is out of our control, especially at this time of year! It’s possible to have four seasons within one day at a Spring Wedding. If you’re planning on being photographed outside, you’ll want to have a backup plan in case it’s not possible. Think a marquee wedding! Alternatively, you might want to bring wellies and an umbrella. Braving the weather can actually result in the perfect photo shot. Whatever you decide, you’ll need to prepare to ensure your day runs smoothly. Talk to your chosen venue and let them explain the different options they have available to you. 


Your spring wedding day needn’t be stressful. That’s why you enlist the help of your bridesmaids to help make sure everything runs smoothly. The thought of forgetting something important like the rings causes stress for many, so make sure you pack ahead of time to eliminate any unnecessary stress on your big day. Accept that things may happen that are out of your control but try not to stress about them because this is a day you’re going to look back on forever and you want every moment to be a happy and stress free one. 

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3.Wedding Bouquets 

Pinterest is the go to app for all Brides to be but what happens if you’ve fallen in love with a bouquet only to find that it’s out of season for the time you’re getting married. Fear not! There are so many stunning wedding flowers to choose from. Have a chat with your florist and show them your ideas, they will help you to come up with something very similar, if not, even more beautiful.

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4.Hay Fever 

Statistics show that hay fever is one of the most common allergic reactions with an estimated 13 million people affected in the UK. That’s a quarter of us Brits! So, it’s possible that you or your partner may suffer with this on your big day. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we recommend looking around your venue and identifying any places that should be avoided if you are a hay fever sufferer. You can also seek advice from your florist to see which flowers are least likely to set off a reaction and take an anti-histamine tablet before you arrive at your venue. If you do this, make sure you’ve taken them before and you’re sure they don’t cause drowsiness. That would be the last thing you need on your wedding day. 

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5.Muddy fields 

You want to avoid a Bridget Jones moment where you’re stuck in the mud at all cost! However, at this time of year, the fields are probably going to be very damp and dirty. This shouldn’t stop you from capturing those perfect wedding photos but you need to prepare. Whether you bring cute wellies to change into or wear heal stoppers to prevent you sinking into the mud, remember to lift up your dress to stop it from getting sodden and you will have a truly fabulous day despite the unpredictable weather, muddy fields and possible allergic reactions. 

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