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Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

This tradition is said to bring good luck to the bride and has been practiced for decades. There will be those of you who will have a clear idea of what you would like to include in your special day to tick the four elements. There will also however, be those of you who may not have thought about it or just don’t have an idea of what you could use to ensure this tradition is kept alive on your big day. Fear not, we’ve compiled a selection of ideas to get your inspiration flowing so feel free to check them out and steal a few if you wish! 


Something old

The whole fun of this wedding tradition is being able to rope friends and family into the creative process and that would be our number one tip. Very often, your friends and family will suggest ideas that you may never have thought of on your own and ones that may be far more sentimental than some of our examples. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas to get you going.  It’s time to start thinking outside the box for a little originality and a touch of the wow factor. There are the usual ideas such as your Grandmas brooch, your Mums wedding veil, an old photo in a locket, a pair of vintage shoes, an old coin and so on but here’s a couple of ideas you may not have thought of. Vintage wedding or not, rocking up in an old classic car such as a Rolls Royce from the 1950’s is sure to tick two boxes, not only the old element but also the elegance, timelessness and opulence you simply wouldn’t get from a modern car. Now classic cars can be very expensive so why not consider your hairstyle? Hear me out … If you want to give your wedding look a real makeover and turn heads walking down the aisle then a chic 1940’s hairstyle would be a great way to wear something old and add something bold. Still too out there for you? Then why not try some slightly less noticeable but still original ideas. Why not ask your Mum for an old ring you can pop on a necklace for the day, or maybe your Grandads pocket watch could be hidden away or if you really like a challenge, why not convert an old family heirloom and blend it into your hairpiece? The list of things you could use really is endless so bring your family in on the fun and get creative.

Wedding Traditions And Superstitions

Something New

This one is likely to be the simplest of the four. Nearly everything you’ll wear on your wedding day will be new but if you intend to have a statement piece to represent this, there are the usual new underwear, new headpiece, new jewellery etc but we feel that a little imagination could go a long way to creating something new and truly special. Why not visit a perfumery and create a brand new fragrance that nobody else has? You could even make one for your hubby too? How special and unique would it be to know that on your special day, nobody else is wearing the fragrance you created. If that doesn’t take your fancy, why not consider having a piece of jewellery made that is completely unique to you that you can wear on your big day? Handmade jewellery that is custom designed is not as expensive as you may think. Know a band or musician? You could have a brand new song composed for your first dance! Now that really is unique. Thinking outside the box is not only fun but it could really ensure that you have elements to your day that sets you apart from the rest and makes your day truly unique.

Something Old, New, Borrowed And Blue

Something borrowed

This is another part of the tradition that can easily be ticked off. Borrow your Mums watch, your Sisters hair clip, your Brothers car, your Aunties shoes etc but instead of checking a box, yep, you’ve got it … Be original! Create something unique and different that nobody else has thought of. Why not borrow some crystal glasses for you and your hubby to toast during the speeches? Two glasses that are unique to you both on your big day is sure to create a special moment for the two if you. If that isn’t up your street then maybe ask your Nan if you can borrow her fine silver cake knife? Knowing that you’re cutting the cake (another prized tradition) with a piece of family history will be sure to create another special moment. If Nan isn’t lucky enough to own such a knife then maybe you could consider getting your future husband to borrow something. Nobody ever said that the bride is wholly responsible for this tradition. Get your future husband to borrow his Dad’s belt? His Dad’s shoes? Or maybe even his Dads credit card 😉 

Something blue

This is also something that can be easily satisfied with blue underwear, a blue handkerchief, a blue stone in your hairpiece etc but we think this is definitely one that you can hand over to the husband to be. After all, there’s far more that a chap can include that’s blue. There’s the suit, the tie, the shirt, socks, cuff links, the car, the list is endless. For a few more slightly original ideas, why not consider playing ‘Blues’ music in the car on the way? It’s relaxing, will set your nerves at ease and although a little bit of a cheat, we love it. Failing that, why not include a single blue orchid in your bouquet? An all white bouquet with an electric blue flower will make for some fantastic photographs and give a little wow factor to your day. Thinking even further outside the box, why not include blue cheese on the cheeseboards or offer blue cheese soup as a starter? Delicious and ticks the box! 

A Perfectly Pink And Ombre Wedding

I hope we’ve inspired you to give this tradition a little thought and we’ve helped you to create something that’s truly unique and special. Remember to have fun, think outside the box and you’re bound to create something magical. 

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