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It’s Time To Dress The Wedding Venue!

Some venues will have their own, ready to go, standard wedding set up but here at Fund Your Wedding, we think a little individuality, originality and charm will add a touch of romanticism and intimacy that you simply won’t get from leaving the venue host do all the decorating.  Here’s some simple ideas to get you going on creating a magical venue that delights your guests, not to mention, makes great photo additions to your wedding album. Lighting is a simple, cheap and an effective way to add intimacy, create an atmosphere and are also great focal points.

Create A Vintage Look Without The Price Tag

Fairly lights coiled in glass jars, tea light candles in jars that are tucked away into little nooks and crannies or large centrepiece candles are a sure fire way to create affordable but effective splashes of originality. Name cards are very often plain and unimaginative. Why not look to create little scent bottles with fresh sprigs of lavender and a clip to attach your guests name? They would also make a lovely keepsake for your guests and could tally up as favours, saving you money.

Do You Have To Give Wedding Favors?

If you’re really feeling creative, why not create little messages in a bottle with your guests names inside. You can find some inspiration here. If you’ve selected one of our featured beautiful barns, why not look at hiring some long white voiles and drapes to adorn the beams in the barn! This really adds a sense of grandeur and charm to your wedding venue.

Search For Your Perfect Venue

Venue flowers can be expensive and lack the individuality that you may be seeking. What’s more, our suggestion will be more affordable and original. Wild flowers, daffodils, poppies, lavender and sage are aromatic, have beautiful colouring and for the large majority, are either free or extremely inexpensive to buy. Bunching wild flowers together and bundling them with some twine before putting into vases is a great way to wow your guests and leave a beautiful fragrance that floats throughout the venue all day.

Wedding Flowers: How To Get More Out of Your Budget

Drinks are very often from a pump or a fridge behind the bar but have you considered displaying your cocktails or punch in stunning glass dispensers. Simply fill with your favourite drinks, add some fruit and mint for colour and allow your guests to use the dispenser to fill their glasses. These look beautiful and add a touch of guest interaction in being able to serve their own drinks.

Make Your Own Wedding Cocktails

There’s still other ways to add individuality from home made or personalised signs directing your guests, chair and table covers, a vintage suitcase for cards and gifts, a home made guestbook, some home made butterflies (You can find how to make these by visiting our Youtube Channel – Don’t forget to subscribe!) and a host of other ideas to really put your own stamp on your day.

Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces For Just £3!

So there you have it, great ideas, great value for money and boundless originality.

Autumn Sangria Cocktail Recipe

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