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How To Sack A Bridesmaid

how to sack a bridesmaid

Believe it or not, we are all too often asked how to sack a bridesmaid. Firing a bridesmaid is a horrible situation and ideally, you want to avoid it at all cost. If you have a bridesmaid that isn’t answering any of your calls or texts. It certainly appears that she’s uninterested in the wedding. However, we advise sitting down with them to discuss things before you go firing them. It may be that they have things going on in their personal lives that have prevented them showing an interest. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to have the most amazing day. But if you’ve sat down with the bridesmaid in question and are intent on asking them to no longer play a part in your big day then this is the nicest possible way to do it … 

How To Sack A Bridesmaid

1.Meet in person 

Whatever you do, don’t text or email them even if you think your message is nice enough. You never know how someone else will read your message and so the best thing to do, is to meet in person. 

2.Be polite 

The last thing you want to do is get into a slinging match where you name all the reasons why you are asking her to stand down. Be polite and let her know that she is still valued as a friend. 

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3.Take responsibility 

Although this is sometimes very hard to do, take responsibility for your own actions, for example, you might not have been clear with your bridesmaid on what was expected of her or you may have underestimated the amount she would need to spend on her bridesmaid dress etc. Whatever it is, take responsibility so that she’s not left feeling like it’s all her fault. 

4.Give her a way out 

If you don’t have it in you to ask her to stand down but she’s not adding anything of value then this might be the time to give her a way of opting herself out. For example, send her a text saying, ‘Are you sure you still want to be in the wedding? It’s just that you seem to be under a lot of stress lately and I don’t want to add to that in any way. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I just want you to be happy. Let me know, I promise I won’t be offended.’ She may just take you up on it which would be the ideal scenario but you need to be prepared for this not to go the way you want it too. 

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5.Give her a different role

Alternatively, you could tell her that you’re changing the set up so that everything is covered and ask her to be in charge of greeting people or handing out drinks instead. 

6.Blame the budget 

You could blame the budget! Ask her to play a part in getting people to sign the guestbook or handing out prosecco instead. That way, you don’t look like the bad guy.  

7.Know the consequences 

Sacking a bridesmaid is never a fun job but if it’s necessary, you want to do it in the nicest way possible. Despite how nice you are about it though, you run the risk of losing that friendship for good and this is something you will need to consider before asking a bridesmaid to stand down.  

Whatever you decide to do, we want to wish you the best of luck! 

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So there you have it, our best tips on how to sack a bridesmaid in the nicest way possible!

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