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How To Practice For Engagement Photos

How to practice for your engagement photos

Okay, so standing in front of a camera and posing in a variety of ways may cause you to start sweating but don’t panic as we have the ultimate guide on how to practice for your engagement photos so that yours are perfect!

#1 Find The Right Photographer

Firstly, you want to find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and puts you at ease. Do your research and find out there style and approach. If you’re not very comfortable getting photographed then a photographer that just fades into the background and gets on with it may just be the photographer for you!

What To Wear For Engagement Photos

#2 Address Concerns Prior To The Shoot

Hate your neck? Arms? Discuss it with your chosen photographer so that they are aware. This way they can make sure they photograph you in a way that flatters your figure perfectly.

#3 Pick A Good Spot

Choose somewhere that you feel comfortable. This could even be in the comfort of your own home! Or if you’re the outdoorsy type, make sure you choose a place that’s special or familiar to you so that you don’t feel completely overwhelmed by the whole experience.

#4 Time It Right

If you want your engagement photos to be in the park but are a bit camera shy then don’t aim to meet at a busy time of day. 3pm when the kids have all finished school and people are walking their pets is probably not a great time to shoot. Opt for a later time in the day, perhaps when the sun is setting? Engagement photos against a sunset backdrop are always stunning. Alternatively you could opt for somewhere a bit more secluded, for example a wooded area. This lends itself well to autumnal or winter photoshoots.

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#5 Pretend Like Your Photographer Isn’t There

Don’t worry they won’t be offended and have been doing this for years, they are used to couples pretending like they don’t exist in order to capture the perfect shot.

#6 Take Guidance

If you’re photographer asks you to stand or face a particular way and you think it’s just not going to do you justice, take their guidance anyway because it’s these candid shots that your photographer has years of experience with that may just end up being your favourite.

#7 Look Through Old Photos

Look through old photos to see if theres a common theme. For example, you might like your head tilted slightly in photos or you may have a better side that you’d prefer to be photographed. Incorporate what you like about old photos into your photoshoot to optimise the best results.

#8 Practice

Practice makes perfect. Practice that close ‘about to kiss’ pose and the ‘totally in love’ pose beforehand so that you’re even more comfortable with your poses on the day.

Nail Wearing Your Engagement Ring

#9 Research

Do your research. Find other peoples photos to see which ones you love and what you can incorporate into yours. Pinterest is the go to app for finding steal worthy engagement photos.

#10 Discuss with your partner what makes you comfortable

Some people are comfortable posing where as others may prefer in the moment shots. The same can be said for kissing. Some people don’t mind getting intimate on camera whereas others would hate it so make sure you know what each other are comfortable with prior to the shoot.

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#11 Bring outfits that you are comfortable in

If you’re feeling comfortable in yourself, it’s a given that you’ll instantly feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

#12 Keep it Natural

Try not to get tense, make sure you chat with your photographer and partner and most of all have fun. Crack a few jokes and maintain a chilled atmosphere and you’re confidence is guaranteed to shine through.

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