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How To Plan A Wedding

how to plan a wedding

Here we share with you how to plan a wedding:

1. First things first, plan the wedding of YOUR dreams. 

This may sound obvious right? Well actually, it’s not. With so many different opinions from what dress looks better on you, who your Mum thinks you should invite to the wedding to how you should wear your hair and make-up on the day, it’s easy to lose sight of what you actually want. Learn how to say no and trust your instincts. This is YOUR day and you want it to go exactly the way YOU envisioned.  

2. Forget the “norm.” 

If passing out wedding favours or handing out programs isn’t for you then don’t do it just because it feels like everyone else is doing it. Save yourself the stress and concentrate on things that matter to you. 

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3. What matters to you? 

Each couple is unique so don’t look at other people for inspiration. Concentrate on what matters most to you personally and focus your budget on that. For example, if the food and photography is more important to you than the venue and entertainment, then focus on getting that spot on. Most people concentrate on getting everything right but that can be costly so pick few things you want to get exactly right. Trust us, you won’t notice the things you’ve compromised on when you’re marrying the man of your dreams! 

4. Work as a team 

In most cases, one person will take the lead on the wedding planning but this can cause issues later down the line when it comes to budgets and communicating with friends and family. Why not lighten the load and plan your wedding together every step of the way. Communication is key to avoid any disagreements so talk through every detail of the wedding and make sure you are on the same page. 

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5. Assemble a team 

Wedding planning can be made so much easier when you have people on hand to help out. Make sure you use this to your advantage and get your friends and family involved wherever possible. Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable time for the both of you and you don’t want to be stressing over making 150 wedding favours when you’ve got people on hand to help. Involving your friends and family will only make the intricate details of the wedding even more special. 

6. Avoid getting yourself into debt 

The most common cause of divorce is financial stress so whatever you do, don’t start married life climbing out of debt. By all means, put things on your credit card but allow yourself enough time to pay it off so that you’re not putting yourself under any unnecessary financial stress. 

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7. Beg, Borrow and … Don’t steal 

If the purse strings are tight then don’t put yourself under pressure to buy everything brand new. Consider borrowing wherever you can, for example, maybe your Aunty has an old heirloom hanging about such as a wedding veil or necklace you can wear or perhaps your Uncle has a vintage or white coloured car you could hang ribbon from and use as your wedding transport. Consider all your options and enlist the help of friends and family wherever possible. 

8. Leave it to the professionals 

Don’t fret about how you should wear your hair and make-up or how many starters you should offer your guests, once you’ve decided on which wedding vendors you are going with, leave it to them. After all, it’s what you’re paying them for. 

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9. Don’t leave things last minute 

It’s so easy to say ‘It can wait till next weekend’ but with so much to do, try to avoid doing this. You’ll thank us! The sooner you can get everything sorted, the more you can relax towards the end. You don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken days before your wedding. 

10. Don’t let wedding planning take over your life 

Again, it’s so easy to allow wedding planning to rule your thoughts every waking hour of the day but decide what times you’ll dedicate to planning and then try to switch off from it the rest of the time. It’s important to still take time to enjoy each other as a couple without the wedding dominating every conversation. Not only will this prevent you from going mad but taking time out to watch films and catch up with friends will help to keep your stress levels at bay. 

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