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How To Include Your Mother In Law

mother in law

Mother In Law’s are renowned for being a huge pain, especially when it comes to wedding planning. Perhaps this is because they feel left out. The more you can make your Mother in law feel included, the better! Here are some awesome ways to make your Mother In Law happy on the run up and during your big day.

#1 Make sure she’s invited to the hen party

First things first, make sure she makes it onto the guest list. Okay, so it’s nice for you and your friends to hang out but the hen party is a great way for you and your partners family to get to know each other which will help to create a fun atmosphere on your actual wedding day. You don’t want your Mother In Law feeling left out or that you don’t want her there so make sure you make her feel welcome at the hen party.

#2 Include her in family get togethers

Don’t just leave it there at the hen party, make sure you schedule in family get togethers where your mother in law can meet your parents regularly and perhaps go for a coffee or lunch once a month? The more she feels part of your family, the more you’ll feel like part of hers.

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#3 Ask her for ideas

If there’s something you’re not sure of, ask your Mother In Law what she thinks. Showing her this curtousy and respect will only strengthen your bond and help things to run smoothly. It will mean the world to her that you even stopped to ask her opinion and that you care what she thinks.

#4 Ask for her input

It’s one thing asking her for ideas but why not ask her for her direct input, for example, if she loves sewing, why not ask her to create hanging hearts or bunting for you to use on your big day or if she’s a keen baker, why not ask her to bake some biscuits for you to give as wedding favours. The chances are she’ll be delighted to play such a big part in your special day.

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#5 Make sure you keep her in the loop as your plans develop

It’s likely that your Mother In Law may want to contribute so make sure you keep her in the loop when changes are made. It may sound small but knowing what’s going on will really make a lot of difference to her feeling included in your big day.

#6 Ask about her wedding day

Reminiscing about the past and getting someone to open up to you is a really good way of bonding. With that being said, ask her what her wedding day was like, what traditions she stuck to and what was her something old. It may remind her of something old she’d like to pass on to you. That would be special to the both of you.

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#7 Go shopping for her wedding outfit

Instead of letting her go dress shopping on her own, why not go with her and offer her some assistance. Again, this is a really bonding experience as you find what works and what really doesn’t! This way, you’ll know exactly what she’s wearing on your big day and won’t have any horrible surprises! You can guide her to wear something that really fits in with your wedding theme.

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