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How To Have The Best Engagement Photo Shoot

engagement photo shoot

We understand that posing for a photoshoot is daunting so here we show you how to have the best engagement photo shoot ever!

#1 Find The Right Photographer

Find a photographer that you gel with, someone who makes you feel comfortable and someone who comes highly recommended. Make sure you read through countless reviews to ensure your pictures are picture perfect.

#2 Address Concerns Prior To The Shoot

If you hate your legs, make sure you tell your photographer so that they can be mindful of this when capturing the perfect shot.

#3 Location Is Everything

Make sure you choose a location that inspires you. If you love hiking, a mountain top photoshoot would be totally up your street. If you’re more of a home bird then an engagement photoshoot at home can be all the rage. For example, lounging about on your sofa or cooking together makes for an engagement shoot that totally reflects you as a couple. This is made even more special if it’s a seasonal time of year! Lounging about in Christmas inspired PJ’s or cooking gingerbread biscuits is the perfect way to have an engagement shoot at home.

What To Wear For An Engagement Photoshoot

#4 Make Sure Your Clothing Compliments The Location

If your photoshoot is taking place on a mountain top, then heels probably isn’t going to cut it so make sure your outfit ties in with the location and season.

#5 Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you’re comfortable in it. Anything too tight or loose fitting isn’t going to flatter you and if your chosen footwear causes you pain, it’ll show up in your pictures so opt for comfort.

#6 Choose Tradition over Style

Whilst being stylish looks good, it also goes out of fashion very quickly so choosing an outfit that is timeless will ensure you’ll love your photos for many more years to come.

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#7 Dress As Though You Are Going To The Same Place

If you’re having a winter photoshoot but one of you is dressed in a spaghetti strap and flip flops, it’ll just look out of place and you really want everything to tie in together to make the perfect snap.

#8 Wear Complimenting Colours

Whatever you do, don’t wear matching colours but if one of you has opted for a blue jumper, tie it all together by having the other person incorporate the same colour accessories.

#9 Have Your Hair and Make Up Done

If you can splurge on a hair and make up artist then do just that. Keep it as authentic as possible but by hiring a pro to do the job for you, they’ll make sure that they use photography worthy make up to give you that flawless finish.

Nail Wearing Your Engagement Ring

#10 Hire A Stylist

If the budget allows for it, you could even hire a stylist to choose your outfits for you.

#11 Consider Everything

Think about the setup, where’s it going to be, when’s the best time and what it is you should be doing. Make it relevant to who you as a couple.

#12 Incorporate Something Meaningful

Whether it’s your beloved pet dog, Bert or the engagement ring itself, make sure you incorporate it into your photos to make them really beautiful and bespoke to you.

The Benefits of Having An Engagement Photoshoot

#13 Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your poses beforehand and get a feel of what you like and what you don’t like so that you’re ready to smash it on the day.

#14 Pretend It’s Just The Two of You

Don’t worry about offending your photographer, they’re used to it so pretend like they’re not even there. With that said, if they give you a little guidance, make sure you listen to it. After all, they are the professionals and know what they’re doing.

#15 Choose An Activity

Whether it’s preparing lunch at home or quad biking, an activity will distract you and your photographer will be able to capture candid in the moment shots. Ultimately you want to treat this type of photoshoot as an actual date. What better way to capture your love?

#16 Choose A Theme

Do you love travelling or love to cook together? Perhaps hire a campervan and base your photoshoot around that. You could even take a cookery class or go hiking. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in.

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#17 Bring Props

Bring props that match your colour scheme. Whether it’s a campervan, pet dog or a handmade sign.

#18 Don’t Overthink it

Many people work themselves over a photoshoot and end up being tense on the day. Try and relax and take each moment in your stride. Don’t fret about looking good, your photographer will take care of that. Don’t worry if people are watching, who cares? Just enjoy capturing this very special moment in each of your lives and treat it as a trial to your wedding day. Many people don’t see the point of having an engagement photo shoot but it’s a great way to see what you like and what you didn’t like so you can incorporate it what you’ve learnt into the most important day, you wedding day!

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