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How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

how to be a good bridesmaid

Congratulations! Your best friend has popped the question and the excitement (and perhaps panic) has now set in! After all, it’s a huge deal, your friend has ultimately said that she can’t tie the knot without you. Already you have many questions whirling around in your head … What’s expected of me? What if I don’t like the dress? What if I let her down? Fear not ladies! As I’m going to talk you through what’s expected of you. That way,you can make sure you’re the best bridesmaid your friend could ever dream of. 

1. Put money away early 

As soon as you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, it’s a great idea to set up a ‘bridesmaid’ bank account and set aside a small amount of money each month. As a bridesmaid, there will undoubtedly be something you’ll need to budget for, for example, your bridesmaid dress, the hen party, wedding gifts etc. 

2. Offer your services 

Instead of waiting for the bride to ask you for help, stay one step ahead of the game by asking her if there’s anything you can help her with. Whether its help researching wedding suppliers or help making wedding centerpieces, she’d really appreciate having you there by her side offering your support. If there’s nothing she currently needs help with, perhaps you could take some time out of your day to create a collaborative Pinterest board where you and the other bridesmaids can upload dress inspiration so she has something to work with. 

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3. Share ideas 

Constantly send the bride things which you think she might like, from wedding cakes to wedding dresses and even backdrops. She may not even be in this stage of planning yet but she’ll know you are thinking of her and will know she can lean on you when the time comes. 

4. Step in for the bride 

The bride has so many things to deal with when planning a wedding so step in and do some of the work for her. Research venues you think she’ll like, call them for prices so she doesn’t have to. 

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5. Make friends 

Get on with the other bridesmaids. The bride doesn’t want to remember disagreements, arguments and stand offs, she wants you all to play a key part in her big day and that can only be achieved by getting along. Of course, there’s going to be differences of opinion but keep calm, go with it and your bride to be will have nothing but praise for you.   

6. Be self sufficient 

Wherever possible, try not to burden the bride. For example, if your dress doesn’t fit, go to a dress fitter and deal with it, she doesn’t need that stress on the run up to her big day with everything else that she has to deal with. 

7. Happily wear the dress 

Try as best you can to wear whatever the bride asks you to whilst remaining positive and happy. After all, it’s her big day and you never have to wear it again after that. Of course, if she’s asked you to wear 6 inch heels you’d be uncomfortable in then it may be time to compromise but generally just go with whatever she wants, this is her vision and she will be grateful for your cooperation. 

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8. Don’t complain to the bride 

If you have to vent about something, whatever you do, don’t vent to the bride! She won’t thank you for it. If your bank account is looking dull, your fellow bridesmaids are not being cooperative or the wedding has dominated your life for the past 3 months … Complain to anyone else but not the bride! 

9. Plan a cracking hen party 

If the bride at hand is more of an introvert, perhaps a night of straw willies and strippers isn’t the best idea so take into consideration what would make your bride happy. 

10. Don’t get too drunk 

The hen party is all about celebrating the brides last days as a Miss so we’re not saying don’t have fun, but if her last memories of single life are carrying you home and putting you to bed then we could understand her being a bit miffed! 

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11. Minimize the amount of things that could go wrong 

Here at FYW, we recommend making up an emergency kit ready for the big day. Fill it with bobby pins, deodorant, perfume, tape, safety pins, mints and any other essential things you think the bride may need. Give some thought to how you will handle any wedding day nerves, unpredictable situations or wardrobe malfunctions and I’m sure the bride to be will be grateful for having chosen you as her bridesmaid. 

So, there you have it, our top tips for being a good bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid does come with it’s own stresses, disagreements, expenses and commitments. Despite that, make sure you are there for the bride. After all, you’ll both look back and treasure those moments for a lifetime. 

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