Planning + Advice, 20 January 2019

Horoscope for Aquarius Brides 

Were you born between January 20th and February 18th? Well congratulations! That makes you an Aquarius Bride! So, if you’ve been wondering what sort of year lay ahead for you and your better half then don’t fear because we have it covered!  

Love and Relationships:  

Unpredictable Uranus is making an eight year visit to your sign which could bring with it a few ups and downs when it comes to your relationship with family and friends. You could also move several times and feel a little bit unsettled but with Jupiter arriving in your sign later on the year, this instability will soon settle down and you’ll soon meet fascinating new people that will be with you for the long haul. 

Due to the eclipse that’s forecast, your relationship is going to go through huge changes this year which could result in you welcoming a new addition to the family or purchasing your new home together. Jupiter will give you a new outlook on life resulting in your relationship getting an overhaul that could seriously improve your love life. 

Career and Finances: 

The presence of Jupiter in your sign will bring you plenty of luck for 2019 with new and exciting possibilities coming your way. Going out on a whim and taking big risks may just pay off with the luck that is forecast for this year so don’t hold back. Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? This is the year to do it.  

Health and Wellbeing: 

This year, you’ll need to learn to say no and concentrate on yourself instead of trying to please other people. Put self-care at the forefront of your mind and make sure you look after yourself first. Come up with a simple routine to follow so that you’re waking up, eating and going to bed at the same times and this will give you clarity and peace of mind to kickstart your day. A solar eclipse later in the year will motivate you to change your lifestyle which could result in your going on a diet, starting the gym or taking up a hobby such as hiking or swimming. 

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