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Get Me To The Church

Choosing between a church wedding and a registry office for some can be a simple decision, usually supported by a religious or non religious viewpoint in life but what about those of us who have never attended church regularly or even at all, but have always imagined a big church wedding? Knowing where to start can be a little more tricky. There are things you’d need to be aware of if you decide a church wedding is the only option.

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Firstly, it’s unlikely a minister will agree to marry you unless you are affiliated with the church in some way. At the very least, you will be expected to attend church for a regular period prior to getting married and go through the process of confirmation before a minister will consider marrying you. Ensure you sit down with your partner and discuss whether you are both willing to commit to the process. Remember that getting married in a church isn’t about checking a box in order to do it, it’s about committing to a new way of life, at least for a time. If this isn’t for you and you’re prepared to forego a church wedding, then a registry office may be a better fit.

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The term registry office may not sound particularly appealing. You may have thoughts of turning up to something that looks similar to the local council buildings but very often, registry offices and the ceremony rooms can be a beautiful setting for a marriage. Take time to review the registry venues around your local area and pick one that suits.

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If a registry office is a no go for you, there’s still hotels, stately homes, gardens, even tree houses where a registrar will gladly attend (usually for a revised fee) and marry you in your chosen setting.  Choosing the venue you get married in is important to get right so really spend some time choosing what’s right for you. Most importantly, have fun exploring the opportunities out there!

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