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How To Get Your Future Husband Helping Out

Finally, we have a blog for the grooms! So the venue is booked, the caterers are in place, the dress is bought, the groomsmen are suited and booted, the bridesmaids dresses taken care of, the cake ready to be cut, the cars fuelled and ready to go … So, I can sit back, relax and enjoy my day right? Ah, hold on! There’s the favours, the table decorations, the flowers, the chair covers, the place names and all those added little extras! Sit back and breathe, this is where it’s time to hand over to the boys and the venue hosts and leave the bride to relax. The big question is though, are you going to be able to truly relax? If you’re anything like me, perfection is the very least I expect and nobody, not even my husband to be, can do it as well as I can. I may be a bit of a control freak but this is, after all, the biggest day of our lives! Let me assure you, the last thing a budding bride wants to be doing is dressing the venue the day before her wedding day, these last few moments should be spent being pampered and treated, not breaking a sweat. Here’s some hints and tips that will allow you to plan, prepare and hand it off for others to do with the same confidence and precision as you:

Tips To Writing Your Guest List

Dress a table at home just as you would want it yourself. Take photographs and hand them to your hubby and make a list of everything that’s to be included and where you expect them to be

Conduct a visit to your venue and take photos to help plan where everything will go.

Create a detailed seating plan and make sure the best man is included. After all, two heads are better than one!

Our Top Tips on Who To Invite To Your Wedding

And finally, hand it off to your better half to execute the plan and have trust that it will be done correctly. If you need further reassurance, send the above to the venue organiser and ensure they are on board too. Remember, the hard work has been done, you’re about to marry the man of your dreams, he won’t want to let you down and will want you to enjoy your final days as a single woman pampering yourself for the big day. It will be perfect, it will go to plan and the key to it? Preparation, preparation, preparation oh … and a little faith.

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