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Do You Have To Give Wedding Favours? 

wedding favours

We are always seeing this question in regards to wedding favours crop up so we are here to give you a bit of clarity on it. 

Wedding Favours

Whilst giving your guests favors is a great way to thank them, it’s not something you’re obliged to do. Besides, you will have already served them a fabulous 3 course meal, put on entertainment and paid for the open bar. Not to mention eventually sending them ‘thank you’ cards.

Personally, we think that’s enough of a thank you but that’s not to say we don’t enjoy receiving a favor either so basically the choice is down to you and something you shouldn’t feel bad about if you decide not to do them. Chances are your guests won’t even notice if they’re missing so save yourself some money by all means. This money is something you can put towards further entertainment such as a photo booth or lawn games which will create amazing memories that your guests will cherish. Personally, we think this is more valuable than sugared almonds. 

Wedding Favours People Will Actually Use

Think Outside The Box

If you love the idea of handing out favors but are on a tight budget then why not think outside the box? Instead of booking entertainment as well as favors, why not double up! You could hand out sparklers that could also be used to entertain your guests. You could also fill small pouches with sugared almonds and complete them with name tags so that they double up as place settings. The list really is endless, you could even swap your centerpieces for sweet trees which would save you money and keep your guests happy too. It’s a win win! 

If you are on a budget, rope your friends in as they may have ideas of things you can make. Making your own wedding favors generally saves a lot of money. 

Easy And Affordable DIY Wedding Favours

Perhaps you’re worried about guests forgetting to take them home? Then why not think of other ways to thank your guests. Perhaps a cream tea for them to have in the morning? Or a hangover kit to help them rise the next day. You could even pay for a coach to get them home. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to your favors!

So, do you have to give your guests wedding favours?

The answer … Not if you don’t want to! 

Make Your Own Jam Wedding Favours

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