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Christmas Wedding Ideas

christmas wedding ideas

For those of you who have braved combining the busy festive season with the biggest day of your life, it would be fair to say that Santa couldn’t deliver a better gift than you exchanging vows with your soon to be husband. If you’re looking for some Christmas wedding ideas then look no further! There are some excellent bonuses to having a festive wedding and some things to be mindful of to ensure your day is a real cracker (Forgive the pun!) Plan, Plan, Plan! Okay, it’s extremely unlikely you’re going to rock up to your wedding day having not planned but have you thought about all the anomalies you may encounter having a festive wedding? With Christmas Eve and New Year being key dates for the festive bride, there are some considerations you must plan for:

Here are some Christmas wedding ideas for you to consider:

Give Your Guests Ample Notice 

This is essential when it comes to a festive wedding. People plan to visit family, friends and distant relatives as well as attend Christmas work parties and private social events. If you want time in your guests calendar, inform them well in advance and ensure your guests are reminded to keep this date free.

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Book Your Caterers Well In Advance

With the festive season underway, caterers will be busy booking up their dates for Christmas parties, private functions and corporate events. If you want a unique caterer like the ones found on our supplier pages, you’ll need to get in early to avoid disappointment.

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Book Your Venue Well In Advance

At Christmas and New Year, venues will be booking up for functions, parties, firework displays as well as festive dinners and lunches. If you’ve found the venue then book it early.

Christmas wedding decor

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You Can See A Pattern Emerging Here Right?

The seamstress, the chauffeur, the drinks suppliers, the suit suppliers and the florists will all be making plans too so plan, plan, plan is an absolute must! Unlike weddings at other times of the year, you need to be organised to really make sure your dream day runs as smoothly as possible. Okay, that’s the serious stuff out of the way. Let’s focus on all the great things about a festive wedding.

The Touch of Colour and Warmth

There is a beautiful marriage of colour between the traditional white or ivory gown and the vast array of reds, mahogany’s, scarlet’s and ruby’s that are creatively entwined into the festive wedding gown. They offer excellent opportunities to create unique and eye catching wedding snaps and they look absolutely amazing.

christmas wedding bouquet

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Fabulous Savings

The height of summer is by far the most expensive time of the year and so there are big savings to be had. Winter is ‘off season’ which means suppliers will be vying for your business. What’s more, they’ll aim to draw you in with some fantastic offers. That means that the venue you thought was out of reach financially, may be affordable!

Greater Range of Choice

Flowers at this time of the year are seasonal. Therefore, you’ll find a variety of floral delights that you simply wouldn’t get in summer. This is a great way to add unique splashes of colour and displays throughout your venue.


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The Food

You’ll have delicious festive options available to you to really add that warm, festive and celebratory ambiance to your big day. You won’t find warm wince pies being handed out or guests sipping on delicious mulled wine at a summer wedding.

christmas wedding favour ideas

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More Relaxed and Engaged Guests

We all know that when we’re invited to a wedding, it usually means taking time off work. This can sometimes result in guests not fully relaxing. They might not be able to drink or perhaps have to leave early to get up in the morning. The festive season is a period of holidays and everyone is in the celebratory throws of the season. It goes without saying that guests will feel more relaxed. They’ll have more time to enjoy your big day and will immerse themselves in the celebrations!

So there you have it! A list of need to know and ho ho ho’s for your festive wedding. A festive anniversary means you’ll have more reason to crack open the champagne and indulge in the mulled wine! What’s more, you can book a few days off to really enjoy it with your new hubby!

Have you got any Christmas wedding ideas you’d like to share? Please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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