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8 Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Date 

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Th#1 Make sure your chosen wedding venue is available 

If you have a wedding date and venue in mind, you’ll want to make sure that wedding venue is available. The sooner you book, the better your chance of getting the date you want and with certain venues being massively popular, this could be something you have to compromise on, especially if your chosen date is peak season. 

#2 Give people enough notice 

Once you’ve confirmed your date with your venue, you’ll want to give your guests notice so they know not to book in anything else. Think a year’s notice or more!

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#3 Consider major events and festivals 

If your planning a last minute wedding, you may not be able to give much notice. Therefore, make sure you know of any major events that might affect your guests attendance. 

#4 Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan your big day 

Whilst considering every one of your guests and any colliding events, make sure you take some time to consider you. Make sure you have enough time to plan your own wedding. The last thing you want to do is cram it all in to please everyone else whilst driving yourself to the brink of insanity.

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#5 Make sure you can get the time off work 

Don’t pay your deposit or send out invites prior to booking time off because you want to make absolutely certain you can attend your wedding.

#6 Consider bank holidays 

Many people will utilise their time off by going away during the school holidays so make sure you know when the bank holidays are as it might be an idea to avoid them at all costs unless you can give plenty of notice and ensure everyone is available prior to booking. 

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#7 Chat to family and friends and make sure they’re available 

Rather than preempting when people may be busy, ask them outright although try to understand that not everyone will be able to make your wedding date and compromises will have to be made. If you waited for a date where every  person is free, you might be waiting a while to get married. 

#8 If you’re able to identify a date where every guest is free, make sure your budget allows for it 

When it comes to choosing your wedding date, there are on and off-peak seasons to be aware of. If your guests are free at the height of summer, make sure your budget allows for you to get married peak season as this could add a few thousand to your wedding bill.  

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