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Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful, natural wonders of the world and although none of us brides want to see a rainbow on our wedding day, being able to bring the colours of the rainbow inside to adorn your wedding venue can provide the perfect opportunity to express yourself artistically and creatively.

It’s commonplace to choose flowers that fit with the theme of your wedding but why not adopt a less orthodox approach and choose something that really reflects you both as a couple? Why not, for a bit of fun, ask your friends and family to think of three words to describe you both as a couple? If they use words like outgoing, social and confident, then you could opt for large, bold, striking floral centerpieces. If on the other hand, they use words like cute couple, reserved and friendly, why not opt for more delicate, understated and pastel coloured flowers? The whole creative process of planning your big day should be fun but bringing your guests into the decision making could really add an interactive value that helps your guests to engage with the elements you have spent your hard earned cash on. How many times have you been to a wedding in the last couple of years? Once? Twice? Can you remember the colour of the flowers? As beautiful as they may have been, you are more likely to remember the dress, the music or the beautiful food but if you include in your RSVP’s a list of words friends and family can choose to describe you as a couple and tell them that their answers will determine the choice of flowers for your day, I guarantee your friends and family will remember your floral designs with fondness. Above all, it’s a fantastic way to bring your guests in on the planning and fun of it all!

So let’s move on to a few examples … This stunning bouquet is bright, energetic and fun. With its mix of conventional and wild flowers with splashes of colour, this bouquet is sure to grab the attention of your guests. The yellows, reds, pinks and purples create a summery cocktail of visual delights that look absolutely stunning together.

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This second bouquet is understated, angelic and simplistic and yet it still has the effect of being able to convey a tone and ambience. The white flowers are broken by a light sprinkling of lavender that is wonderfully effective.

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Drum roll … Here comes the confident, bold and outgoing bride that wants all the attention on her and who doesn’t on their big day? The boldness of the sunflowers lets everyone know the bride has entered the room. The quaintness of the light dusting of white seeks to compliment the larger, bold statements in the bouquet. We think this bouquet is exceptional.

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If you are looking for a vintage, timeless and sophisticated bouquet, this pastel display has it all. A neatly wrapped assortment of lightly coloured roses accompanied by a variety of rare flowers is a choice that depicts a tone of elegance and class. We love this one and if you’ve opted for classic or vintage, then take a leaf out of this book.

This glorious bouquet says young, vibrant, fresh and yet also has a tone of innocence and beauty. The bright and then less subtle pinks with a peppering of white and green gives this bouquet a fruity, summer look that is sure to wow your guests. A great choice for any bride.

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This is another great example of class and subtlety all wrapped up in a gorgeous display. It oozes beauty and youth and the large central flower provides an opportunity to draw your guests attention without shouting at them from across the room. This bouquet is one of our favourites.

If you want to steer away from the mainstream and wander into the world of individuality, then a choice like this is for you. These heather like flowers have variety in their colour and yet uniformity in choosing a single flower type to make up the bouquet. This choice is likely to go with any wedding theme.

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The deep reds, pinks and purples in this bouquet offer a bold, striking statement that would compliment any bride. They definitely won’t go unnoticed with a strong presence of large roses and wisps of wild flowers peeking over the top and sides of the bouquet, this is sure to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking for a wintry, Christmassy bouquet that still offers warmth and elegance this bouquet would make an excellent choice The leaves appear to be dusted in snow whilst the bold, deep purple flowers sweep in and add the warmth you’d get from an open fire on a cold winters day. A great choice and one that we love for its simplicity.

Were you playing along? Being able to express your personality in your flowers is a great way to approach the hundreds of choices that are out there and to narrow them down to something that really means something to you. Looking back at your photos and seeing those big, bold flowers or those simple and subtle choices will create a talking point for years to come and will be excellent fun for your guests to take part in too. So what will your day say about you? Don’t forget to send us your pictures and we’ll display some of them on our website to inspire future brides!

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