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Wedding Flower Budget

1. Choose seasonal flowers 

You may have fallen in love with something you’ve seen on Pinterest but if those flowers aren’t available in your country at that time of year, it can be costly shipping them in. Let your florist guide you on alternative options, after all, they are the professionals and they know what they’re doing. Not only will this mean that you won’t have to fork out on shipping costs but it’ll also make your wedding bouquet bespoke to you.  

2. Use foliage 

Flowers can be very costly. Bulking out your flowers with as much foliage as you can will help you save a bit of money on flowers as you’ll need less of them. If you wanted to, you could even grow and provide your own foliage so that you’re only paying for the flowers. 

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3. Choose a loose bohemian style bouquet 

Choosing a small bouquet that’s loosely put together instead of a bursting bouquet will save you some more money! This is a perfect choice for those of you having a bohemian style wedding. 

4. Choose larger flowers 

If you’re set on having a bursting bouquet then choose larger flowers such as hydrangeas or calla lilies that will pack it out easier than if you used smaller flowers which will help to save you money. 

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5. Source or recycle your own mason jars 

Instead of paying to have your centerpieces displayed in glass jars, why not browse charity shops, pound stores or ask your family and friends if they have any lying about that they could contribute. Don’t worry too much about it not being uniform, sometimes it’s the quirky differences that make something look so wonderful. 

6. Do you have lots of bridesmaids? 

Instead of providing them with a posy each, why not provide them with a corsage or maybe even a flower in their hair instead. 

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7. Move your flowers 

Instead of paying for flowers at your ceremony as well as your venue, why not ask your friends or family if they’d be happy to take the flowers from the ceremony 5 minutes before everyone leaves and quickly display them on the top table to help you save a bit of money. 

8. Leave it to your florist 

Once you’ve given your wedding florist an idea of what you want in terms of colour, style and budget, leave it to them to provide you with the finished masterpiece. Obviously, you’ll want to go into as much detail as you possibly can but trust that they are professionals within their industry and they will purchase flowers wisely to make sure you’re getting the best value. 

9. Think outside the box 

You may even decide flowers aren’t for you at all. If you really wanted to save money you could opt for a paper bouquet instead. 

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