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10 Ways Your Bridesmaids Can Budget

bridesmaids budget

With weddings being so expensive, Bridesmaids are often lumbered with various expenses. From the bridesmaid dresses, to hair, make up and shoes. Here’s a list of how Bridesmaids can budget.

#1 Set your budget 

As soon as you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, set your budget. If you’re the bride, help your bridesmaids to set their budget (they’ll appreciate it!) You’ll need to know how much you want to spend on your dress, shoes, accessories, gifts, hen party and accomodation. There’s no getting away from it, being a bridesmaid can be expensive which leads us on to our next step … 

#2 Start saving 

You’ll want to start saving straight away so that you’re not forking out on things you can’t afford. 

#3 Be savvy when it comes to buying your dress 

Instead of buying your dress from a traditional bridal boutique, shop around on online sites such as Asos, they have some beautiful bridesmaid dresses on there at a fraction of the cost! Although having said that, many bridal boutiques have massive sales going on throughout the year so keep an eye out for those too. You can buy your dresses in bulk to save on postage and packaging or alternatively you can rent dresses if you didn’t want to buy one. 

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#4 Skip alterations

Buy a perfectly fitted dress to save money on alterations. 

#5 Don’t over commit 

Now that you’re a bridesmaid, you will be expected to attend dress fittings, lunches, get togethers, the bridal shower as well as the hen party and rehearsals. Don’t feel like you need to attend everything. As long as you’re there for the Bride on the run up to the big day, that’s all that matters! You can still be there for her without committing to every event. 

#6 Choose your gift straight away 

If the Bride and Groom have a gift list, be one of the first to choose your gift so you can keep within your budget. 

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#7 Share the cost of travel and book in advance 

It might take extra planning getting everyone together but travelling in one car and sharing the costs is very efficient in saving money. Even if you’re going further afield, see what airlines offer joint discounts for larger groups and make sure you book together. Generally speaking, the sooner you book, the cheaper your tickets so book your travel way in advance. 

#8 Share a suite 

When booking your accommodation, why not opt for an apartment where you can all get ready together. It may seem more costly for the room itself but dividing it by more people is guaranteed to save you money. Remember, booking your accommodation in advance is likely to save you money. 

#9 Book the hen party sooner rather than later 

Not only will this give the other hens plenty of time to save but like everything else, booking in advance is likely to save you money. 

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#10 Do your own hair and make up 

Having your hair and make up done professionally can be costly so why not do it yourself to cut down. You can always take a look at tutorials on Youtube and practice hairstyles on the run up to your big day. 

Have your Bridesmaids stuck to a budget? Tell us how they did it below.

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