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Booking The Wedding Photographer

booking the wedding photographer

Each wedding photographer has their own unique and individual style of photography. That’s why it’s important to know how you want your day to be photographed. From traditional, reportage and commercial to fine art photography. We’ve listed various photography styles so you can start booking the wedding photographer that’s right for you.

Finding The Best Wedding Photographer For you

#1 The Traditional Photographer

They’ll capture key moments in a traditional and beautiful way. Usually with posed shots of you and your wedding guests. You can create your own fun and unique poses so your wedding album sparks a barrel of laughs. 

#2 The Reportage Photographer

They’re likely to tell a story through their photography. They’ll capture close up and emotions that unravel in the moment.

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#3 The Commercial Photographer

They’ll photograph your wedding to perfection but will zone in on the smaller details. Usually the things that make your wedding unique. The elements which you have thought out and capturing the details will help you look back on all your hard work realizing it was all worth it in the end.

#4 The Fine Art Photographer

The fine art wedding photographer will capture your wedding in a truly beautiful way. There’s no denying that art is beautiful and so opting for an artistic photographer will likely leave you with beautiful and soulful images for you to look back on for years to come. Instead of simply photographing your big day, the artistic photographer will create something beautiful but it won’t necessarily be realistic or accurate. They may incorporate digital effects to add a fun or exceptionally stunning piece of art.

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