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How To Write Your Wedding Speech

No doubt, there will be a few people who will want to say something on your wedding day. The father of the bride and best man are generally the most prominent of speeches followed of course, by a few words from your newly acquired husband. The questions on offer in this blog are, can you have too many speeches ? How long should the speeches be? What should they include?  Let me be realistic and honest in my answer … Unless you have Lee Evans or Jim Carey on your speech list, the chances are, if speeches are long, the guests are likely to switch off. Keep the speeches relevant, punchy and short. The speech should include all the thank you’s to the relevant people that helped make your day a special one, the sentiments that you wish to express and if you’re gifted enough to be funny, pop the odd bit of wit in to keep the audience engaged.

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Can you have too many speeches? Yes! I’ve attended weddings where the bride, mother of the bride, groom, father of the bride, best man, maid of honour and master of ceremonies have all had something to say. There’s no question that speeches add a lovely dimension and a chance to hear the loving words of those nearest and dearest but there is truth to the saying that too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. Keep the speakers list sensible and ensure that whoever is speaking, has something valuable to say.

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What speeches should include is by far, the most important point. Inappropriate jokes that offend the bride, embarrass the groom or empty out the cupboards of best kept secrets are likely to cause more shrieks than they are giggles. For that reason, we suggest that you set some rules for the speeches to ensure consistency and that they go smoothly. Set a length and stick to it, two to three minutes is plenty. Ensure you send a clear message around what your interpretation of appropriate and inappropriate may be (we all have varying positions on this) and finally, ensure the content is engaging and doesn’t fall into the trap of waffling. People look forward to hearing the speeches. The expectation of good humour, some lovely sentiments and romantic gestures and well deserved thank you’s are all the magic ingredients you need to have an enjoyable speeches section to the day. Tell Dad not to go off piste, the best man not to embarrass his best mate and uncle Barry not to waffle for half an hour and your guests will have a wonderful time and more importantly, so will you both.

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