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A Guide To Fabulous Wedding Flowers

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Choosing wedding flowers is a challenging decision that can make any Bride rigid. It takes up a lot of time and attention but the overwhelming end result is worth it. From buttonholes and bouquets to centerpieces, they’ll deliver a style, scent and sophistication to any wedding day.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

As a bride, you may get confused on what to look for when choosing your flowers and rightly so as there are multiple aspects that need to be considered. The first step you should take is to meet with a wedding florist and discuss what is you’d like to create. They’ll be able to guide you in the right direction, give you some ideas and put your mind at ease. 

Here are our top tips on choosing your wedding flowers:

  • Firstly, you’ll want to set a budget that is manageable. Smaller bouquets can look just as stunning as the bigger ones so be realistic when setting out your budget.
  • Don’t insist on one specific colour. Give your florist a colour palette to work with because they’ll be able to incorporate different shades and flowers that you never even knew existed!
  • Don’t insist on specific flowers. Your wedding florist will know what flowers are in season. Choosing an out of season flower is costly to obtain and might result in you overspending.
  • Incorporate non floral elements such as lights and candles as this will surely keep your floral costs down.

What Your Wedding Flowers Symbolize

More Top Tips

  • If roses or lilies have special meaning to you and you’d like to incorporate them into your big day, make sure you discuss this with your wedding florist before they start their work.
  • Wherever possible, it’s a good idea to invite your florist to view your wedding venue because they may be able to suggest wreaths or flower walls to enhance your wedding reception.
  • Use floral displays to cover up less polished parts of your wedding venue such as fire exits and smoking areas.
  • Use flowers to draw attention to specific areas of the room such as the top table, the wedding cake or the alter.
  • Leave it to a pro. Many brides try and DIY their wedding flowers but not only is this time consuming, it can be a downright disaster so eliminate any potential wedding day dramas by leaving it to the professionals.
  • If you’re having a summer wedding, choose hardy flowers that are unlikely to wilt.
  • When it comes to your centerpieces, don’t choose flowers that have a strong scent as this can be overpowering for guests who are trying to enjoy their meals.

Personalise Your Wedding Flowers

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