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6 Things Your Wedding Florist Wants you to Know

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Here are 6 things your wedding florist wants you to know:

#1 It’s almost impossible to replicate an Image 

When it comes to wedding planning, we love the likes of Pinterest and Instagram and the images these platforms contain often inspire brides when it comes to planning their own weddings. The problem is, these images have usually been excessively filtered and photoshopped and it’s impossible to recreate an image that does not give an accurate representation of all the colours that were actually involved.  

#2 The most pinned wedding bouquets are usually the most pricey 

Many budding brides have set themselves tight budgets that they need to stick to. With this in mind, they will still come armed with dozens of Pinterest photos. The most pinned wedding bouquets usually contain the most expensive flowers. From gardenias, dahlias, peonies, calla lilies and garden roses. Be realistic when it comes to setting your budget so you don’t overspend. These flowers are expensive so be prepared to spend a greater amount if that’s the sort of bouquet you desire. 

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#3 Don’t pin your hopes up 

Okay, so you’re set on having the same wedding bouquet as someone who got married abroad but bear in mind that flowers are seasonal. Obtaining blooms that are out of season can be very pricey so be prepared to choose slightly different blooms that range in shape, size and colour. Your wedding florist will take your ideas and apply them as best they can to provide you with a bouquet that’s 100% bespoke and personal to you. 

#4 Flowers can seem expensive but for good reason 

Many of us assume that floristry is a simple case of picking flowers, bundling them together nicely and providing the service but this is far from the truth. There are a lot of hours that go into creating your wedding bouquet from the initial consultation where you talk through ideas to putting them together, providing alternative designs to suit your budget, providing quotes, not to mention months of correspondence with you and constant liaising with various suppliers and lastly, storing and delivering the flowers to your chosen venue and providing an overall service that ensures your day runs smoothly. 

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#5 Flowers don’t last a lifetime 

Your wedding bouquet will wilt slightly and will probably start to look a bit battered by the evening. The reason for this is that the flowers are out of water all day. Flowers are fragile and you’ll be handling it for most of the day. It’s only natural that this will have an effect on your bouquet. 

#6 Really consider the work involved before doing it yourself. Talk it through with a wedding florist.

Many brides consider doing their wedding flowers themselves to save money. However, there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into creating your wedding bouquet. Make sure you know the full extent of the work before you take it on. Firstly, you’ll need to research flowers that are in season. Then you’ll need to source them, purchase the right equipment to store them, safely transport them and find somewhere cold to store them. It’s probably best to pay a little extra and leave it to the wedding florist to provide you with a perfect posy.

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