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35 Things That Happen at Every Hen Party  

hen party

The hen party is the ultimate girls night out but like most hen parties, they can be stressful and so we want to prepare you for what may be in store! Oh, and wish you good luck … You’re going to need it! 

#1 Everyone takes ages to get ready 

With so many people needing to get ready, it will take forever for you to actually leave the house. 

#2 Someone will attempt to drop out last minute 

There’s always one who will mysteriously come down with the flu overnight. 

#3 Someone will make a late appearance 

And just when you think someone’s not coming and hasn’t even bothered to let you know, they will turn up as you’re about to jump in the taxi. 

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#4 Meeting the girls off the group chat will feel uncomfortable 

It’s always weird meeting people you’ve already been speaking to but have no idea who they are in person. Come prepared with some icebreakers to avoid any awkward situations. 

#5 Someone will be drunk before you’ve even left the house 

There’s always one who’ll come equip with a bottle of vodka stashed in her handbag. 

#6 You’ll be given ridiculous hen party accessories 

Accessories such as penis whistles, feather boas, blow up dolls and L Plates will be handed out so naturally … Make sure you take lots of photos! 

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#7 Any attempt at hen party games will quickly turn into the Karma Sutra 

With so many personalities in the room and with it being the brides last few days of freedom, any attempt to play any sort of game will quickly turn a bit naughty! 

#8 Some hens will be a bit on the boring side 

Whilst everyone is howling at the maid of honor telling embarressing stories of the bride, their will always be a set few who are sat in the corner, glancing at their watches and waiting for a reasonable time to go home. 

#9 Someone will try and get a respectful member of the public to become the hen party stripper 

This will probably be the point in which the less lively members mentioned above will go home. 

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#10 Shots will always seem like a good idea 

There will always be one hen continuously chanting, ‘Shots, shots, shots!’ 

#11 Lots of toilet selfies will be taken 

I don’t know what it is about us ladies but the rest room always seems like the most convenient place to stop, have a gossip and take photos. 

#12 You will probably have to share a room with someone you’ve never met 

This may prove difficult especially if you’re bunking with the world’s loudest snorer but grin and bear it, after all, it’s only for one night. 

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#13 You’ll do and say things you would normally consider inappropriate 

For example, you’ll ask the barman to give you his underpants so you can complete the scavenger hunt that’s been organised or end up having to explain the weirdest place you’ve had sex, something like that! 

#14 One of the single girls will start crying because no one wants to marry her 

Chances are you’ll experience a variety of emotions on the hen so make sure you have tissues at the ready. 

#15 The bride will start crying because her best friend is crying 

Again, tissues at the ready! 

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#16 Someone will pull 

Another one of the single ladies will make the most of being single. 

 #17 Someone will drunk dial their ex 

Despite you advising them not to 

#18 Someone will throw a tantrum 

And chances are it won’t be the bride. Try to ignore it as best you can. These things happen, especially in drink. You can’t please everyone. 

#19 You’ll see the bride getting hit on and run over to rescue her 

I don’t know why this happens, but it happens all too often. Thank goodness she’s got the hens on board to bat people away. 

#20 Someone will get too excited and hurt themselves  

This usually involves a pole and someone who momentarily thinks they’re a pole dancing professional.  

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#21 The Bride’s mother will be drunk  

Never ever let her live this down! 

#22 You’ll crave some alone time 

By the end of the hen party, you’ll be craving a moments piece. 

#23 The bride will have a massive fight with one of her bridesmaids 

After all, planning a wedding is stressful and you often take it out on your nearest and dearest 

#24 And then they will immediately make up and be closer than ever 

After all, isn’t this the nature of best friends? 

#25 Time will fly by 

One minute you’ll be dancing on the tables and the next the bar staff will be calling last drinks at the bar so make the most of your night as it’ll be over in a flash. 

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#26 It’ll seem like it’s your job to round everyone up when it’s time to go home 

No one else will be responsible enough to do this after a few drinks. 

#27 When in reality, you’re just as drunk as everyone else  

Still, you’re the only one deemed responsible enough 

#28 You’ll end up in a kebab house 

Very classy! 

#29 You’ll deny even being drunk 

In the drunken way people do 

#30 Then you’ll suddenly realize how drunk you are in the taxi on the way home 

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#31 At least one person will ask the taxi to pull over so that they can be sick. 

#32 You’ll get home safely and despite all the drama, you’ll still have had a great night 

#33 Youll wake up with a hangover from hell 

Make sure you’ve packed some paracetamol. 

#34 You’ll message your WhatsApp group to piece together the night before. 

You’ll message your Whatsapp group and try and make sense of the night before. The other hens will no doubt share cringe worthy photos to help you remember. 

#35 You’ll cringe and un-tag yourself from any unflattering photos that have been posted to social media 

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