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Hen Party Advice: 10 Things You Should Never Do

hen party advice

Here, we share our hen party advice to make sure your wedding celebrations go to plan.

1. Overspend 

It’s easy to get carried away when planning a hen party. The first thing to do is make sure that everyone can afford it. The last thing you want is for the Brides sister being unable to come because she can’t afford it. 

2. Rule the Roost 

If you’ve planned to go for a sit down meal, don’t act like you’re the only ones in the restaurant as other diners will also be trying to enjoy their meals in peace. Save the chanting of shots and the crazy dancing for the club where that sort of behaviour is to be expected. 

3. Make a scene 

With all the alcohol and emotion that tends to accompany a hen party, it’s easy to get a bit too carried away but avoid making a scene at all cost. Not only will it ruin the Brides day but once the effects have worn off, you might be left feeling embarrassed and slightly awkward. 

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4. Air dirty laundry 

The planning on a hen party often causes disagreements between bridesmaids but whatever you do, do not raise any issues you have with fellow bridesmaids on the night of the hen party, if ever! The whole night would end in disaster and nobody wants that now, do they? 

5. Get too drunk 

Whilst a hen party is all about letting your hair down and having fun, make sure the bride doesn’t end up carrying you home, running around trying to find you a sick bucket and having her night ruined in the process. The hen party is a night to create long lasting memories and you can’t do that when you’re passed out in bed at 9pm. 

6. Embarrass the bride 

At the hen party, the bride will be surrounded by her nearest and dearest, some of which you may not know so whatever you do don’t go bringing up that time she lost her virginity in front of her 90 year old Gran. Trust us, she won’t thank you for it. 

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7. Trick the bride 

Whilst we’re all for having a few surprises in store for the bride, don’t trick her into something that will make her feel uncomfortable. For example, if the bride in question is an introvert, surprising her with male strippers might not get the reaction you were hoping for. 

8. Be cliquey 

Make other members of the group feel welcome and you’ll all have a lot more fun in the making. 

9. The disappearing act 

Stay together and make sure you all get home safely, especially if the hen party is in a location you are not familiar with. 

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10. Pretend you’re an expert on the pole 

We’re all for having fun but if you’ve chosen to have the hen party days before the wedding, the last thing you want is to risk injury. You’re not going to be much help to the bride if you’ve pulled your back out and can’t move.  

11. Share photos without asking permission 

You don’t want to go sharing pictures of the hens alongside naked butlers to all social media channels. This may not go down very well with the other hens. Make sure everyone knows the rules of taking photos and don’t do anything that risks upsetting another member of the hen party.  

Take our advice and you should be in for a hen party to remember! 

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