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14 Hidden Wedding Costs You Need To Know

14 HIdden Wedding Costs

Unfortuantely weddings come with a variety of hidden and unexpected wedding costs. Here, we show you 14 hidden wedding costs for you to anticipate so that you can keep within your budget.

#1 Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Whilst many couples still opt not to have an engagement photo shoot, we think it’s great practice in front of the camera. It gives you an idea of angles you like and don’t like and gives you the confidence needed for your wedding day photos. Not only does it give you a boost but incorporating your engagement photos into your wedding day is such a lovely added touch. You can display them in your guestbook, hang them from helium filled balloons or simply display them around your venue for your guests to uncover.

#2 Getting Your Ring Resized

I mean, if your engagement came as a complete surprise, it’s unlikely that the ring is a perfect fit. You don’t want to lose it so getting it resized is an absolute necessity.

#3 Postage

Postage can really tot up to a few hundred, if you’re sending save the dates, invites and thank you cards to 150+ guests, at 60p a stamp, that’s a whopping £270 in postage fees!! It hojnestly might be a good time to consider the digital age we live in and send your invites via email.

#4 Bridesmaid Proposals

Proposing to your bridesmaids is a big thing and rightly so, they are going to be your wing girls for the day! Make sure you factor in this cost when setting your budget. A bridesmaid box full of nice goodies can quickly tot up.

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#5 VAT

When obtaining quotes from wedding suppliers, make sure you ask whether VAT is included because an unexpected VAT bill added to a £3,000 wedding venue can quickly leave you £600 out of pocket.

#6 Travel Expenses

Make sure you factor in bus hire, petrol and transport fees. Also, if you’re planning to stay over the night before, make sure you include this in your budgeting too.

#7 Corkage

Most venues will allow you to bring your own alcohol but they’ll charge you a corkage fee which could be up to £15 per bottle. It’ll probably be cheaper to choose a drinks package with the venue.

#8 Cake Cutting

Believe it or not, there is a cake cutting fee that covers the time of plating and serving to all your guests and cleaning up. This is usually priced at £2 a slice.

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#9 Feeding Your Wedding Suppliers

Make sure you factor this in as your wedding suppliers will be with you all day and the last thing you want is for them to faint on the job due to lack of food.

#10 Dress Alterations

Okay so you’ve factored in the wedding dress fee but what about all the alterations that are needed to make it fit perfectly. Make sure you factor these in. Don’t just max out your wedding dress budget, leave room for alterations.

#11 Equipment

If you’ve hired a band, generally speaking they’ll include all the equipment that’s needed but if you’ve opted for a large venue, you may require additional speakers and so you will be billed to cover the hire fee.

#12 Transforming Your Venue

So, you’ve hired the venue and that’s it right? Your venue will need to be transformed from the seating arrangement to the dancefloor. With that comes LED dancefloors, lighting and star lit backdrops.

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#13 Over time Fees

It’s common for things to run behind schedule so make sure you factor in over time fees. Staff still need to be paid for there hours which could come at a hefty price.

#14 After The Wedding

Don’t wipe out your budget as soon as you’ve said I do. There are still things that are needed after you’ve tied the knot. For example, you’ll need copies of your marriage certificate for updating your passport and drivers licence.

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