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Tips For Winter Engagement Photos

winter engagement photos

A winter photoshoot is a magical time to capture. Full of festivities, unusual weather and charm, it’s the perfect backdrop to create stunning images you can treasure forever. Here are out top tips for your winter engagement photos.

#1 Wrap up warm

I mean this goes without saying but you’d be surprised how many budding brides opt for style over comfort but if you want to be comfortable when taking your engagement photos, then make sure you wrap up!

#2 Layer Up

Rather than just putting on a coat, try to add layers to your outfit. This way you can quickly change and create a totally different look. Perhaps a jumper, body warmer, hat, scarf and gloves. Don’t be afraid to cover up. It adds to the setting and makes your photos look super natural.

#3 Pick The Perfect Location

Pick a wintry location for example, a wooded area with fallen leaves and pine cones lends itself to a winter engagement photoshoot.

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#4 Choose A Scenic Location

Choose a location with a variety of scenery so you can switch it up a bit. For example, one minute you can be in a wooded area with fallen leaves and pinecones and the next, you can have a icy lake or a wheat field as your backdrop.

#5 Time It Right

When winter hits, it gets dark really quickly. If it gets too dark, your photographer won’t be able to capture the image in the same way so make sure you allow enough time to be photographed in the day. Sunsets are always good but you want these to be your final images before the sun goes down.

#6 Check The Weather Forecast

Make sure you keep up to date with what the weathers doing so you can be prepared. If it’s forecast snow, try to get out early so you can capture some images of the untrodden snow.

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#7 Be Prepared For All The Elements

Be prepared for rain or shine. The more prepared you can be, the more likely things will go to plan and you won’t end up looking like drowned rats! Bring tissues for running noses, umbrellas for rain and powder for pink cheeks.

#8 Take Breaks

It happens to the best of us but when you’re out in the cold for too long, your nose turns pink. Try and retreat into the warm for a few minutes so you can get some circulation going again so that you don’t look pink and blotchy in those all important photos.

#9 Ask Your Photographer to Put Aside Two Dates

It’s a good idea to provisionally book two dates with your chosen photographer just in case it ends up being torrential rain, thunder and lightening.

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