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What Your Wedding Flowers Symbolize 

Whether you’ve already chosen your bouquet and now want to know the meaning or if you’re working on building a bouquet based on the meaning, it’s good to have an idea of why these flowers are traditionally used as wedding flowers. 

So, let’s start with the Amaryllis 

Amaryllis is bold in colour and symbolizes beauty, harmony and personal freedom. 

Baby’s breath 

The name itself is angelic and the same can be said for what it symbolizes. Innocence, purity and gentleness are three things that Baby’s Breath symbolize. 


Carnations vary in colour with pink representing gratitude, white representing pure love and red representing true love, affection and devotion.  


These vibrant flowers represent leaving the past behind and starting anew. Daffodils are also symbolic of being alive.  


These flowers represent intimacy and embarking on new adventures together as husband and wife.  


The geranium flower represents co-operation, teamwork and togetherness.  


The hydrangea is a strong flower and represents someone who is in control of their own destiny. It also symbolizes perseverance and emotion.  


The Iris flower is captivating and has timeless elegance and beauty. It symbolizes having faith in one another and the ability to provide wisdom. 


Jasmine symbolizes unspoken eloquence, beauty, sensuality and grace. 


Lavender symbolizes femininity, refinement, grace and elegance. It is delicate and precious, much like your love. 


Magnolia represents beauty, freedom and old-fashioned romance that can endure anything. 


This flower represents loyalty and symbolizes an overflow of abundance. 


This flower represents timeless love, confidence, passion and desire. 


This flower symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, compassion and a happy marriage.  


This flower in all its beauty symbolizes promise, hope and new beginnings. The various colours symbolize slightly different things with yellow roses symbolizing joy and love, white roses symbolizing purity and admiration and red roses symbolizing passion, love and respect. 


The snapdragon flower symbolizes mystery, excitement and an abundance of love. 


Tulips represent love at first sight and risking everything for love. 


The violet symbolizes adoration, admiration and appreciation, as well as chemistry between two people. 


The zinnia represents abundance, affection, consistency and thoughtfulness. 

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