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What To Wear For Engagement Photos

What to wear for engagement photos

If you’re wondering what to wear for your engagement photos, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re asked all the time what it is you should wear and so we’ve compiled the ultimate list of things you should do to make your engagement photos dazzle!

#1 Be Yourself

Most importantly, you want to be yourself so that you feel comfortable. If high heels and jewellery just isn’t for you then don’t dress up just for the sake of the shoot. If you feel much more comfortable in jeans and some converse then wear just that!

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#2 Be Comfortable

If you’re opting to dress up then make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Engagement photos can take time to capture so make sure you’re not uncomfortable in any way as this is likely to show up in your photos.

#3 Be Natural

Whether it’s your make up or the clothes you wear, try to opt for natural tones. Whilst bright colours are nice, you don’t want the colours in your clothing or make up to draw attention away from you as a couple.

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#4 Be Complimentary

Make Sure you discuss your outfit ideas with your partner beforehand. The last thing you want to do is clash in your engagement photos so make sure your outfits compliment each other perfectly. One way to do this is to have your partner wear a matching colour tie or accessory to your chosen outfit.

#5 Layer Up

Rather than take a whole host of outfits, why not layer up so you can quickly change the look of your photoshoot without taking up too much time or getting too flustered. This also adds visual texture to your photographs which make them more in depth and interesting.

#6 Set a Limit

If you do decide to take a change of clothes then set a limit. A number of professional photographers tell us that two change of clothes is more than enough!

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#7 Make Sure You Are On Season

If your chosen location is in a park during the Autumn months, then high heels and a dressy top will probably look a bit out of place so make sure you incorporate the season into your engagement photos. If your shoot is taking place in the winter, a wooly hat and a pair of cloves will be the perfect attire. It captures real life and you want your engagement photos to capture you as a couple and what you’re really like.

#8 Choose tradition over trendy

Whilst it’s good to be on trend, trends often die out never to return again. By choosing a more timeless look, you’ll make sure that you love your engagement photos ten years from now in the same way that you love them now.

#9 You Should Look Like You’re Heading To The Same Place

If you are having a winter photoshoot and one of you is dressed in a jumper and scarf and the others dressed in a vest top, it’ll look a bit odd and your photos won’t come together in the way you want them to so make sure you are dressed as though you are going to the same place.

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#10 Incorporate An Accessory

Incorporating an accessory such as a hat, scarf, necklace, umbrella will instantly add another dimension to your engagement photos and it allows you to quickly change the look in less than a second.

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