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What Not To Wear For Engagement Photos

what not to wear for your engagement photos

So you’re trying to plan what to wear for your engagement photos, right? These are the photos that are likely going to be turned into magnets and hung on the fridge. They might even become a part of your storybook guestbook! With that said, it’s important to choose your outfit wisely! Here, we have the ultimate guide of what not to wear for your engagement photos.

#1 An Outfit You’ve Never Worn Before

It’s only natural that you want to look your best for your engagement photos so going out and buying a brand new outfit for the occasion is tempting however, it’s important that your engagement photos are natural and buying an outfit that you’ve never worn before might result in your actually feeling really uncomfortable on the day which brings us onto our next point …

#2 Anything That Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Yes heels and skinny jeans are flattering but are they comfortable? You may be on your feet for some time capturing the perfect shot so make sure you’re comfortable in your chosen attire.

#3 Ten Different Outfits

Whilst switching up your outfit can create a whole new look and feel, the notion of it can leave you feeling hot, flustered and irritable. Instead opt for a maximum of two outfits and layer up so you can quickly and easily change the look of your photoshoot.

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#4 Too Many Layers

Whilst layers are good, don’t wear too many of them as this can cause your photos to be nothing short of unflattering.

#5 Large Accessories

Whilst accessories complete the look of any outfit, make sure you keep it simple and dainty. Huge oversized necklaces and huge hoop earrings are a no go!

#6 Oversized Tops

Whilst we’re down for an oversized knit, it can all too easily make you loose your shape which is not what you want for your engagement photos. Oversized clothing can be very difficult to photograph and can be very unflattering from certain angles. 

What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

#7 Clothes that don’t fit properly

Clothes that are too large or too tight will simply not do you any favours so make sure you’re clothes are a good fit before going ahead with the photoshoot.

#8 Crazy Patterns

Keep your attire simple and understated so that the focus is on you as a couple. Crazy patterns will only draw attention away from you and to whatever it is you are wearing. Keep it simple.

#9 Bold Colours

The same can be said for bold colours. Whilst reds can be beautiful, it’ll only draw attention away from you so keep it natural by choosing pastel and neutral colours.

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#10 Black

Whilst black can be flattering to your shape, it can totally wash you out and make your photos look very unflattering.

#11 A Turtle Neck

If you’re having a winter inspired photoshoot, avoid turtlenecks at all cost. Whilst they may be warm and comforting, they are not flattering in photos.

#12 Logos

Whilst branded clothes are on trend, avoid incorporating them in your photos because you want the focus to be on you, not your branded hoodie.

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#13 Matching Outfits

Whatever you do, don’t wear the same colour outfits. Instead look at ways of subtly complimenting each other. For example, if you opt for a blue dress, get your partner to wear the same colour tie, handkerchief or another accessory that will compliment your outfit beautifully.

#14 Make Up or Hair That You Wouldn’t Usually

Whilst we understand you want to look the best version of yourself, steer away from hairstyles or make up that just isn’t you. Ultimately the more natural your engagement photos, the better they will be.

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